The monkey wrench’s name does not come from a derogatory word used to describe the first African American undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, nor was it named after Charles Monck. However, the latest developments in wrench technology have made the monkey wrench almost obsolete. Let’s start with the dictionary definition of the term monkey wrench.

The rumor has it that Johnson filed a patent for the wrench and in response, the term “monkey wrench” came about because Johnson was black. The monkey wrench is a type of adjustable wrench, a 19th century American refinement of 18th-century English coach wrenches.

“Monkey Wrench” a Derogatory Term for Inventor Jack Johnson-Fiction!-Fiction! The most common shapes are called open-end wrench and box-end wrench. And while some may have used it as a racist term after 1922, it was not the origin of the name. The tool was originally named by using a “purposeful misspelling” of its inventor’s name, according to the Ferris State University Jim Crow Museum. The third theory – that simply looks at the meaning of the word “monkey” – is likely the correct one. A wrench with an open end fits around a fastener instead of over it, so you can slip a wrench into an area where there isn't room for a socket. This has been the more widely believed in theory regarding the use of the word “monkey” in a monkey wrench. The origins are not fully known, but there are a few theories that have been floated about. As a way to forever immortalize his name in history and poke fun at himself, he decided to name the tool the “monkey” wrench. The second widely-circulated-but-false theory is that the “monkey” refers to another alleged inventor of the tool, Charles Moncky. CRESCENT is the name of the company who first produced it for sale in the United States. Unfortunately, however, there seems to be no consensus on who actually invented this versatile tool or how the tool got its name. In 1840, Worcester, Massachusetts knife manufacturer Loring Coes invented a screw-based coach wrench design in which the jaw width was set with a spinning ring fixed under the sliding lower jaw, above the handle.

But Jack Johnson was also awarded two patents for a “theft-preventing device for vehicles.” The device was designed to the block a car’s fuel supply when used by an unauthorized person. Circular Saw vs. Table Saw: Which One to Choose? A monkey wrench is a widely used tool that can be used to hold any number of materials in place. A monkey wrench is a type of adjustable wrench with two straight metal jaws. [7][8], Although this story was refuted by historical and patent research in the late 19th century,[2] it appears to have been inspired by a real person. Adjustable Wrench , open end wrench , box wrench, socket wrench, monkey wrench What is the male monkey called? The origins of the phrase pre-date the invention of the monkey wrench itself. If a wrench slipped off a nut or bolt head — as monkey wrenches were prone to do — injury to the user was often the result. Now, if you think about what a monkey wrench is, it is basically a wrench that can be easily adjusted at any given time to fit the immediate purpose – to fit the size of the nut that its user needs to tighten or loosen. As time passed, Charles Moncky, the original inventor of the monkey wrench, was largely forgotten. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. Interestingly, though, Jack Johnson did actually patent his version of an adjustable wrench back in 1922. The Model A monkey wrench has a squared end for open drain and fill plugs. This was patented in 1841 and the tools were advertised and sold in the United States as monkey wrenches, a term which was already in use for the English handle-set coach wrenches. Jamie Lee Curtis, ‘Irregardless,’ and Merriam-Webster. Monkey Wrench . The monkey wrench, unlike a standard wrench of a fixed size, can be adapted to grip nuts of various sizes by spinning the screw which moves the bottom jaw back and forth. You can twist the worm drive of the monkey wrench to make it immediately suitable for a wide range of differently sized nuts. A far more likely theory is that the wrench was named after its inventor, Charles Moncky. An article in 2002 by Herb Page called Reach for the Wrench claims that the term monkey wrench was used as early as the 1840s. And when Charles Moncky himself faded into history, … The term monkey wrench was added after its invention which demonstrates how an axiom morphed due to changing technology. The founder of the Standard Pressed Steel Company claims that they were the first to manufacture the Hex Wrench under the Unbrako Line of tools. A monkey wrench has smooth jaws that do not leave behind marks. A Baltimore mechanic named Charles Moncky invented the monkey wrench around 1858. It’s also an important tool that paved the way to the invention of the adjustable spanner that is a staple in the toolboxes of almost all handymen around the world. [2] For the next 87 years a very wide and popular range of monkey wrenches was manufactured by Coes family partnerships, licensees and companies, which filed further wrench patents throughout the 19th century. The first widely-circulated-but-false theory is that the word “monkey” in monkey wrench is used as a derogatory term for Jack Johnson, the first African American world heavyweight boxing champion and the alleged inventor of the wrench. You consent to our cookies if you continue to use our website. Apparently, Moncky himself came up with the name “monkey wrench” which was a play on his name. As time passed, the name “monkey wrench” took on different meanings which were applied to shop workers who perhaps were not as skilled as they should be. Monkey wrenches had been in use long before Jack Johnson filed that patent, and there are a number of theories about how the term “monkey wrench” came to be. That said, monkey wrenches are still sometimes used for heavier work where a compact adjustable spanner is too small. While it wasn’t the very first type of an adjustable wrench, it was the first one that could conveniently be operated with a single hand. Because the regular wrench can’t be adjusted, you can only use one wrench for a particular nut size, meaning that you’d have to invest in an entire set of wrenches to complete a single task. There are two main theories centered around the origins of the name monkey wrench which have been disproven.

[10], "The Boston Wrench Group (Imported English coach wrenches or 18th w19th century American copies? Also, the shape of the head lent itself to be using impromptu as a hammer, which of course damaged the wrench, causing the adjustment of its jaws to become even looser. FIRSTLY: A Crescent wrench is actually properly identified as an "adjustable wrench." Related to this, some sources also claim that the term is used because the tool is easy to “toy with” like a monkey. What is a Good PSI for a Pressure Washer?

"Monkey" is not its name at all, Charles Moncky, the inventor of it, sold his patent for $5000, and invested the money in a house in Williamsburg, Kings County, where he now lives. The picture went on to explain that the word “monkey” was used as a way to tarnish the reputation of this great inventor who just happened to be black. Since then, however, the monkey wrench has lost popularity as the lighter and smaller adjustable spanner became the go-to tool for that purpose. Today, Jack Johnson is known for being the world’s first black heavyweight boxing champion — not an inventor. After all, the Coes brothers didn’t call it the monkey wrench but the screw wrench. We’ll go over them briefly and explain why these theories are nothing but hot air. A number of patents filed in the years that followed made improvements to the wrench, and it became commonly used for steam locomotives and railroad car repair work. In this article, we’ll talk about how this tool came to be and the sort of controversial things that were said about the monkey wrench. In late 2015, a meme was released on the internet depicting Jack Johnson, the African American heavyweight champion who held the title from 1908 to 1915, as the creator of the monkey wrench. So there you have it, folks. "Monkey Wrench" a Derogatory Term for Inventor Jack Johnson-Fiction! Makita 5007F Review: A Circular Saw Worth Getting? It is still of interest as an antiqueamong tool collectors and is still occasionally used in maintenance and repair when it happens to be convenient. A monkey wrench has been described as having both an L- and F-shaped appearance. Many historians agree that Charles Monck didn’t even invent the tool, let alone name it after himself. In fact, a tools publication in England entitled Timmins & Sons which comes from this era had already used the term to describe this adjustable wrench. While it is easy to see how the tool would get its name if the inventor actually was Charles Moncky, by this point you should know that the tool wasn’t invented by him.

Copyright © 2020 What's True Incorporated. However, most people agree that it’s most likely that the monkey wrench was invented by Loring Coes in 1840 in Massachusetts. Surprisingly, this man who is known for bashing people’s faces in actually patented a type of wrench (#1,413,121) in 1922.

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