[2] Sheldon Pearce of Pitchfork Media praised The Sun's Tirade, dubbing the album "a complex portrait of a man in transition", and further applauded Rashad for "wear[ing] his anxieties" on his sleeve.

You can figure out your way through the bullshit a little better. You got a lot of press last month for almost being kicked out of TDE because of your addiction. [1], During various interviews in promotion of the album, Rashad revealed that he was addicted to Xanax and alcohol, and was suffering from depression, anxiety and isolation during the time between the release of Cilvia Demo and The Sun's Tirade. So is this one story throughout the whole album? In an interview to promote his album, Isaiah revealed the thoughtful meaning behind this project. [3] The album was supported by the critically acclaimed lead single, "Free Lunch". But this is technically like 10 minutes longer than the other one. The Sun's Tirade is the debut studio album by American rapper Isaiah Rashad. But he did his thing though. And not make it sound like I was going through the same shit as I was going through before?

I can just really tell I was going through some shit. As far as learning about me, I don’t know. '” I was like, “Damn, shit, for sure.

I kept getting into it with my homies, like the homies that came out there with me.

The album serves as a follow-up to his 2014 EP Cilvia Demo. So, you don’t have to like conscious rap to like this album. See New Music Releases for September 2016, Rappers With the Most Instagram Followers, Trump Supporter Pulls Gun on Protesters After Liquid's Dumped on Him, 'Jews for Trump' Convoy in NYC Sparks Brawls on the Street, Fake Melania Conspiracy Theory Circulates Again After Viral Debate Pic, Cop Drags Handcuffed Black Teen Over Concrete During Arrest, Gets Paid Susp…, NYPD Cop Suspended for Blasting 'Trump 2020' Over Car Loudspeaker, Adele Jokes About Her Weight Loss on 'SNL', Attributes it to COVI…, Joe Biden Campaign Ad with Brad Pitt Runs During World Series, Felicity Huffman Officially Off Supervised Release, Sentence Complete, Voters in Long Lines Offered Discounts by Restaurants.

So I think he believed I could get past it.

Getting cool. It’s a response to me going through shit and a celebration of all the bullshit. Like, I had turned in the project and they surprised me.

Dot’s feature is kinda tight. I’m not the only one out of my friends who went through something. I feel like I have as much of a message for whoever’s listening with an open ear. Do you feel like you have more of a message for your fans now?

Isaiah: Just a long, hot ass day… a very long day. The album, recorded during a period in which Rashad experienced struggles with depression and addiction, features a strongly reflective and conscious tone with production that takes influence from hip hop, trap, trip hop, soul, and jazz. Yeah, I just had angst because it wasn’t like my live was going a normal path. His voice throughout the record displays a "heavy rasp" and "sing-songy flow".

'” He’s like “Nah, 'Wat’s Wrong.

And the last project was 14 tracks and we just called it an EP, so people consider it an EP. It doesn’t include getting back on track. I just want them to enjoy themselves listening to this project. When artists shy away from the public eye, it can be for any number of reasons: lack of inspiration, exhaustion or just plain disinterest with fame.

No! So, after Cilvia [Demo], the highs of how tight that was, when I came back down to Earth it was like, Damn, I did do a whole bunch of shit that was fucked up that I have to deal with. I wouldn’t follow my gut and stuff.

Unfortunately, it took fighting with his day one crew and almost getting dropped from TDE for him to make a change in his life.

So, it’s more like you only get one second project to keep people interested. “The Sun’s Tirade” — a title Rashad described in an interview with Complex News as meaning, “A long, extended, unnecessarily long… hot (expletive), muggy (expletive) day” — mixes so many different genres that it is hard to classify solely as a rap album. That’s rare that you get into a label with such a family dynamic.

Too fucked up. First off, niggas be thinking we look like brothers, so there's that. It ain’t really a negative project. No, not the plan. Rashad…

Nah, he sent it on the fly. If you don’t feel it you not gon’ feel it. I don’t think anybody really has that [laughs]. These are just some things I want him to know just in musical form about this point in my life. Everything, going from one kid to two kids, balancing responsibilities, maintaining friendships with people I work with, people I came up and moved across the country with. His debut album, The Sun's Tirade, the second project he's dropped, is as much a diary of self-discovery as it is a letter to his first born son. I think everybody has somebody in their life that have had all these different situations in the project, you know what I’m saying? He sounds like some shit that you would’ve pulled out the ‘50s. The Sun’s Tirade is Isaiah Rashad’s debut studio album released on September 2nd, 2016 through Top Dawg Entertainment. It’s like a family Sunday in there. Just having a hard time getting my… what’s the proper way to say this? I got some more range that you didn’t think I had.

For sure. They care about me. You’ll learn I got range. Rashad's vocals are layered and textured. Tunji got me signed [when he was at Interscope]. And then, it’s just a really good time. I love him.

So at that point, I had talked to everybody, all the management about it, and I was like I could make something up, but I figured telling the truth would be easier than lying and then you hear a bunch of songs that are shit. Yes, please have a car. Him and Jay Rock. I hope this make it easier for them to approach me, make you feel like you’re talking to a regular person. And you keep talking about going through some shit. Niggas was not expecting it. [9] On September 17, 2016, he performed "Tity and Dolla" at the BET Hip Hop Awards, which aired in the next month. What's the biggest difference between The Sun’s Tirade and Cilvia Demo? Something like Kyrie [Irving] this year [because] I came back with the crazy step back.

I tried that general "have fun" shit and those were cool but I threw those out because they didn’t mean anything to me. After a few tweets in August 2016, the title was speculated to be titled Free Lunch, named after his promotion single of the same name. [13], Stephen Kearse of Consequence of Sound reviewed the album favorably, noting the album's "experimental aesthetic" as more refined than on Rashad's previous efforts. It’s also kinda like, you staring at the sun too long. Or Moosa [Tiffith], he’s definitely a big bro. Yeah, I was going to do this freestyle, but then he had this hook and I was like, Oh I gotta go back in.”. And then I was like, How can I convey how I feel in a way that won’t sound like I’m depressed? Everybody wants to be in the most demand, you know -- until you’re over that. He just believed in me and I feel like he thought I would do better being around these people because he knew my life and my plans, what I wanted for my life, where I wanted to go, what I wanted to accomplish, what I wanted to do for my family and for myself. The end result is 17 tracks of one sound in a row, all bleeding into each other."[22].

And I went back in and I killed that shit I feel like. I was here [in New York] when I got the Dot shit. Uzi, Yachty, D.R.A.M, Thug, Quavo, Chance…them niggas are real entertaining.

It also could mean my son having a screaming match with himself. The Sun’s Tirade is Isaiah Rashad’s debut studio album released on September 2nd, 2016 through Top Dawg Entertainment. It’s really intended on being a real body of work, a real conceptual album. This is my second project ever. You only get one debut. Did either of those guys pull you out of your hole? Trying every day. Zacari. For a majority of it, I was coming to a realization about what I really wanted this to be about.

You guys weren't in the studio together for it?

Real melodic, real beautiful. I hope this make it easier for them to approach me, make you feel like you’re talking to a regular person. Who did you compare yourself to with this [album]?

Tunji’s the one whose always been there for me since I got into the music industry. Outside all of the bullshit that I describe loosely — because it’s not like I’m on the motherfucker just ranting about shit — it’s a really creative way of expressing myself, and that’s what I’m most proud of. We’re young. Who was your favorite feature on the project? [1] The album's production was handled by several producers, including Mike Will Made It, D. Sanders, Cam O'bi, J. LBS, The Antydote and Chris Calor. The Sun's Tirade appeared on numerous end-of-year best album lists from various publications. I enjoy the fact that we can be honest; that’s the most important thing. What’s the meaning of The Sun’s Tirade?

[1] Rashad released The Sun's Tirade on September 2, 2016. About a year and a half, a year.

Musically, the project has been noted by publications for its diversity and unique sonic palate, and for being "much more jazzy and upbeat" than Cilvia Demo. I sound cooler.

I realized I could’ve talked about anything and then I listened to a lot of music to go along with what was going on. [7] The music video for the single, directed by APLUS Filmz, was uploaded to Top Dawg Entertainment's YouTube channel on August 10.

Nah, not at all. Stuff [like] flippin’ up syllables; that’s some of my favorite shit. So, I don’t think it’s going to be that hard of a transition for me. I’m a good rapper.

So I don’t feel any added pressure from the first time. The Sun's Tirade, much like its predecessor, is a loose concept album. On August 19, 2016, Rashad released another single titled “i mean,” a cut that didn’t make it onto TST.

Two weeks off not doing nothing, just talking to my mom. I’m definitely like the youngest sibling. Oh, definitely. Musically, the project has been noted by publications for its diversity and unique sonic palate, and for being "much more jazzy and upbeat" than Cilvia Demo. We’re releasing it the same way. I’m more nervous because I’ve been out for two years. With features from Top Dawg family members Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock and SZA, to name a few, it's a sonic experience not to be missed. Sometimes, I used to move too fast. And my music is more considered just a conscious thing, so now I’m trying to just get a little closer to the middle, not all the way to the middle, but just like closer to “This some shit I’m finna just bump.”. He did his damn thing. The Sun's Tirade, much like its predecessor, is a loose concept album. A lot of it’s about my son because my son was around for a large portion of it. When you heard the song Kendrick was going to add a verse to, did you think you had to re-record your verse? We start talking about a song, kickin’ it, eating and shit for hours. Yeah, I’m still getting back on track. [10] Rashad also released music videos for the songs "4r da Squaw" and "Park", which have not been released as singles.[11][12].

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