This helps the audience assume the others are at least as good.

In documentaries, it links to ideas and is often used to show cause and effect.
The words about the movie got to me by a colleague who watched it recently, which prompted me to watch the movie myself. Directed by Damon Gameau. Interviews with experts give the movie credibility. Is that the police state going too far? Madman Production Company A problem not uncommon, according to dentist Dr Edwin Smith, who appears in Damon Gameau’s documentary That Sugar Film. Shadow Fright is a multi-media installation artwork that challenges the idea of a world where we impart control. Voll verzuckert - That Sugar Film (That Sugar Film): Dokumentarfilm 2014 von Nick Batzias mit Damon Gameau. Director: Damon Gameau Some of these cameos take advantage of the actor's stage experience and make use of their ability to deliver speeches in an engaging and interesting or unusual manner. “Although the impacts on oral health are not a major feature of the movie, the case study of a young man from Tennessee who drinks in excess of six cans of Mountain Dew a day is a startling example of the impact soft drink has on teeth and gums.”. They will go hungry and die of starvation (mind you, seeing the speed at which Gameau’s stomach bloats in the first few days of his sugar diet, you’d be loath to feed your child half an Uncle Toby’s muesli bar). But it is not really the masochistic element of the film that hits home. The Australian Dental Association (ADA) urges all Australians to watch That Sugar Film, which aims to raise awareness of the effects of a high sugar diet on a healthy body. Believes in crazy, dumb ideas. Director/ Animator/ Producer/ Illustrator: Marieka Walsh

), The "NASA Physicist" who now writes weird, new-age philosophy. The use of close ups and high angle camera shots here emphasise the suffering and discomfort of the patients. This is when two different scenes are inter-cut with each other. During this experiment Damon continues to exercise and eat the same amount of calories each day as he previously did, however the impacts on his body and health are massively different. Voice-overs are used to interrupt and ridicule interview subjects the director disagrees with. He’s implementing it in his own restaurants.

Damon was intrigued by what sugar does to our bodies and decided to go on a 60 days experiment with a high-sugar diet. Unter medizinischer Überwachung beginnt er seine spezielle Diät, und schnell zeigen sich erste Ergebnisse. Jeden Tag nimmt er 40 Teelöffel Zucker zu sich. Practitioner ordered not to reapply for registration, Prestigious CPD bursary beneficiaries announced, Dental professionals could play a role in preventing type 2 diabetes, ADX Melbourne—put the date in your 2021 diary, Halve sugar in diet, say experts - Bite Magazine.
Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. In zwei zusammengehörenden Experimenten vergleicht er, wie sich Zucker im menschlichen Körper bemerkbar macht. A problem not uncommon, according to dentist Dr Edwin Smith, who appears in Damon Gameau’s documentary That Sugar Film. Gameau also appeared in the Australian series Love My Way, the 2002 Australian film The Tracker, and in a small role in the US series How I Met Your Mother. This shot is meant to make the audience think about cocaine use. Neben den sichtbaren Auswirkungen wirft sich Damon im Laufe der Dokumentation auch in Gespräche und Interviews mit Fachleuten, Vertretern der Lebensmittelindustrie und auch Zuckergeschädigten. That Sugar Film Madman Production Company Director: Damon Gameau Sand/ Sugar Animation: Marieka Walsh In this film, Hugh Jackman performs a magic scene over a lightbox to reveal delicate illustrations created from sugar/ sand... that I might have given him a hand with.. AFTER THE APOLOGY .

Damon Gameau embarks on a unique experiment to document the effects of a high sugar diet on a healthy body, consuming only foods that are commonly perceived as “healthy.” Gameau nimmt sich das zum Anlass, um mit diesen Mythen aufzuräumen. Listening to Hamish Blake talking about his son’s first experience with sugar it became clear that perhaps the perfect answer to a sugar-free future is never having it in the first place. Larry’s teeth are not replaced by the end of the documentary though, because his system would not respond properly to the anaesthetic required.

While he looks at the health of some of his contemporaries.

Howard Stean, dentist and filmmaker, went to the Cannes Film Festival with his short film, SUGAR, this month. This has direct echoes of the headline grabbing efforts of Morgan Spurlock bingeing on MacDonalds in Super Size Me; or the time that Werner Herzog ate his shoe in Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe.

He also went further to explore the impact of sugar on our society by visiting different communities such as an aboriginal town in Central Australia and flew over to Kentucky, USA where Mountain Dew and Pepsi consumption are prevalent.

around the 0.50.00 mark, the movie focuses on a dental procedure. Our children are already addicted. He is most concerned with the children of tomorrow. The music video also uses "pimp" imagery and has a shot of David Gameau holding a straw next to powdered sugar donuts.

Other sugar-free crusaders have been slowly adding to the pile of evidence pointing towards the heinous crimes of this carbohydrate. z.B.

But then again you can never tell what sugary treat may be round the corner when a parent turns their back. eine Provision vom Händler, There are multiple shots of sugar next to white powder that looks similar to cocaine or heroin. That Sugar Film, like other “issues-oriented” docs, would seem to merit something other than a standard film review—one based on expertise rather than aesthetics. Jamie Oliver for one recently upped the ante, on Gameau’s ‘Mountain Dew Mouth’ footage, by sitting in on a foot amputation caused by type two diabetes and screening footage of mothers bottle feeding their babies Coca-Cola. Camera shots. Argument 1: You should cut sugar out of your diet. Jetzt im Kino He brings to the fore all those products we thought were good for us. Davina McCall’s five week plan to a sugar free diet could be condensed to a five second plan where you never feed your baby sugar. Soon enough we’ll find bags of sugar being treated like cigarette packets that have been branded with gruesome photos of the health consequences. ( Log Out /  They imply that all of the scenes you witness probably have either the same cause, or the same effect. Argument 4: Sugar is responsible for the fast-paced, materialistic and unsatisfying aspects of modern life. Perhaps Hamish and Andy have the answer. Use of selfies and "budget solutions" when filming can make the film more intimate. ( Log Out /  A former human kid who became an adult and then a teacher vents his frustrations coping with the disciplining and educating of the modern child. I’d be left eating air before too long. Sand/ Sugar Animation: Marieka Walsh He does NOT consume junk food, soft drinks, confectionary, or ice-cream.

Images like the one above certainly add the shock value to this documentary. Denn nachdem er drei Jahre lang ohne Zucker lebt, verschreibt er sich nun einer zweimonatigen Zuckerdiät. But what Gameau uncovers is deeper. “Even as a dentist with good knowledge of diet and sugars, I was shocked by the sugar content of some foods – foods that the average Australian would think are healthy choices. Kids would be none the wiser. Production Company: Plaza Films With Damon Gameau, Hugh Jackman, Milla Bakaitis, Richard Davies. Sarah Wilson’s book could be condensed to a pamphlet that says don’t feed babies sugar. Für Links auf dieser Seite erhält ggf.

The use of close ups and high angle camera shots here emphasise the suffering and discomfort of the patients. The teeth in the picture above belong to teenager Larry from Barbourville, Kentucky. So I’m going to eat all those things in moderation.

According to the film, an average Australian consume on average 40 teaspoons of sugar daily and the 40 teaspoons of sugar do not include soft drinks or “junk food”.

This will shock you! ( Log Out / 

Dr Alldritt concluded, “The ADA supports the overall health concerns raised by this film, which is presented in an entertaining and accessible manner.”. A montage is a rapid series of shots, normally connected by having the same music track play across all of them. And if everything becomes too tasteless I can always add more garlic, chillies or ginger to flavour things up. In narrative, it normally shows us that two events are happening at the same time.

Other cameos are used so the direct can attract the audience's attention with the celebrities' sex appeal, Appeals to Emotion (mostly guilt-tripping parents). In pre-war Eastern Europe, Ana and her family live in a remote farmhouse surrounded by dense woods. Her Ph.D is from a questionable, online university. Die Regie der aufklärerischen Doku übernahm Damon Gameau selbst. Im Zuge dessen versucht Damon, den Einfluss der Zuckerindustrie abzubilden und auch versteckte Zusatz-Süßungen aufzudecken.

Sometimes this is done to show an idea is old-fashioned in the negative sense, and other times it is done to show that a concept or idea has been known for a long time. Having watched this film, I’ve consciously made change. What the Oscar-nominated documentary “Super Size Me” was to the fast-food industry, “That Sugar Film” endeavors to be for businesses that are invested in refined sugar, a nearly unavoidable additive in the majority of processed edibles on grocery shelves. So if we don’t coat our broccoli in chocolate sauce and poach our asparagus in sugar syrup, how will our children eat? Now sugar as well. I’ll still eat cakes and the odd treat, because having had that first Tiny Teddy twenty-eight years ago, I am now sugar dependant. They are also used to force connections between certain images (hyperactivity, violence, stress, silliness, etc) and sugar.

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