The family dog gets his day on “Rover,” which proclaims his devotion and nobility.

Without a doubt, it’s punk rock’s greatest canine classic. He is the webmaster of Indian This was back in the 30's.

In another songwriter’s hands, this might have been a nice little tune about wishing you could spend your life laying in the sun and chasing trains, but with Mark Oliver Everett at the helm, the song gets a sadder spin, with a tender violin and the chorus “I’ll take a dog’s life, ‘cause I don’t care for this one.”. which is always riding with us. The image you see to the left History and models, also references to Chrsyler where they shared the same new technology. The history from the beginning to now.

Rock-a-billy, country-blues with really cool guitar and harmonica by Mark This song was originally composed by Randy back in 1963 Yahoo is part of Verizon Media.

Tribute to Dodge cars and trucks.

His classic motorcycle riding and restoration hobby has inspired

I'd rather push a DODGE than drive a chevy or a ford!!!!!! '79 RC 360 727 trail rig (riding on my trailer), 1978 W150 Club Cab "Spare Change" D44/D60,360/435/205, 1993 Dodge Ramcharger W150 Canyon Sport 5.2 Magnum.

All songs written by Randy. this song will bring a smile to your face. Five minutes and 50 seconds long. ), STREAM ENTIRE SONG HERE FOR FREE. Your email address will not be published. I don't listen to this stuff anymore but the video has some shots of a few neat cars It’s hard to imagine a list like this without Snoop Dogg, AKA The Doggfather. ballads, inspirational and political protest songs. It does not mention a Dodge, but I love this version of the video. Indian, or English brands of the 1950-75 era, and in the mood for a chuckle, and a 2001 Moto-Guzzi, a early 1969 Honda Hellcat, a 1972 CB450, a 1976 CB500T Lyrics set out the history of the company and the many famous Oldsmobile models over nearly 100 years, and praises them. Perhaps the most famous song on this list, this 1953 record was an instant novelty sensation – much to the mixed feelings of Patti Page, who preferred to record torch ballads and country songs.

Escape will cancel and close the window. 87 RC, 318, auto, 2WD, dual exh, hooker header, full elec FBO ignition, 31's on '03 Ram 17" rims, Borgeson steering.

Though it was released just three years ago, it’s an instant classic country tearjerker about a boy, his black Lab, and their inevitable goodbye. The way I heard it, my Grandma made shine to support the kids after Grandpa was killed in the coal mines. is Randy's old 1951 EL, which he often worked on.

In the Billy Ray Cyrus "Achey Breaky Heart" style.


And in " The Little Old Lady from Pasadena" she had a super stock Dodge. We learned about love in the back of my Dodge~~~, FrankenMonster: 1991 RC.

Other than Brooks & Dunn's Tundra video/song, almost all other songs have good ol' Chevrolet/G.M.C., Dodge, and Ford references in their lyrics/videos.

Recorded in 1974, the track hailed from his Dreamer album, where he worked with top jazz players and aimed for the crossover success of his then-labelmate B.B. Easy Listenin' Country Pop.

Sad story but not a downer song - has a couple of lines which makes everyone laugh. One musician said it reminded him of Chet Baker, a great trumpet player with a sad life.

This was the runaway hit off George Clinton’s first official solo album Computer Games, and the first of many dog songs he’d unleash over the years. You will want to sing are there any dodge songs? (Our local hound dogs would like us to point out that they’re hardworking hunting dogs). Songs for people who listen to the lyrics.

A humorous satire which pokes fund at all three main political parties and laments the passing of the Reform Party of the 1990's. A real heartbreaker in waltz time, this poetic song addressed the memory of having a beloved dog put down. plays the guitar on this catchy tune and produced it. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. 85 RamCharger Prospector, 440 big block, 727, NP208  Sitting on 35's  TOY. Watch the Youtube video at: An idealistic call to change the world. ), Dedicated to hot rods, racing cars (and boats and motorcycles), dragsters, anything to do with engines and acceleration. 1 decade ago. Worth listening to again. a.k.a.

Of course, Paul McCartney wrote one of the most charming songs about dogs. Superb flute playing by Bryan Vaillancourt.

#126 of 182 The Best Beatles Songs#48 of 57 The Worst Beatles Songs, #11 of 48 The Greatest Country Songs by One-Hit Wonders#119 of 603 The Best Country Songs of The '90s, #1363 of 3,866 The Best Songs Of All Time, Ranked#52 of 115 The Greatest Songs by '60s One-Hit Wonders, #20 of 42 You Quit Your Job: What Song Do You Play as You Leave?#58 of 98 ALT 98.7's Best Alt Songs Of "All Time"...My Way, #33 of 106 The Best Songs with Dog in the Title#36 of 52 The Best Songs About Eating, #43 of 118 The Best Songs With King in the Title#40 of 100 The Best Songs About Kings, #73 of 100 The Best R&B Songs Of The '80s, Ranked#101 of 197 The Best Songs About Animals. I do love that song. That is a picture of my (now departed) English Bull Terrier named Mozam-bique. Lv 4. Songs that are about man's best friend, the dog.

Matchless, Panther) and two old Harleys (1964 Duo-Glide and 1966 Sportster) ), STREAM ENTIRE SONG HERE FOR FREE. Ontario. But it started as an underground hit – the English DJ John Peel was among the first to play it – and was intended as a feminist-friendly send-up of boisterous guys.

The singer loves his dog as much as his partner, and the lyric makes it sound like the dog will stick around longer. (Production and instruments by Mark Sepic.). Pink Panther movie theme from the sixties and others of music in Fellini in Toronto, Niagara Falls, Victoria, B.C., Vancouver B.C., Edmonton, Alberta, King. along after a few beers. It may remind you of Merle Haggard or Johhny (Production and instruments played by Mark Sepic who also did backup vocals. One of my favorites. Dogs in hit songs have been bad and funky, they’ve been fine and noble, they’ve even gotten yelled at for acting up. Hit neutral in the tail of a comet, let the vortex pull my weight, push the seatback a little lower, watch light bend in the blower. It’s a standard to this day, even if Page recorded an alternate version toward the end of her life, for fear that her original might encourage puppy mills. famines, earthquakes, floods, and other disasters, natural or man-made. area). Robert Plant doesn’t reveal until the last verse that the loving companion he’s singing about is four-legged; he also gets in a jokey reference to Elvis Presley’s “Old Shep.”.

Answer Save. SpareHead1 aka someone else.

The world's new drinking anthem! takes the song to a higher level. This song is quintessential Waits, a singalong about how he identifies the worn-out, homeless dogs that roam his town after a storm. Another lawyer-musician said it reminded him of Merle Haggard. Man’s best friend – our warmest, fuzziest thoughts come to mind when we think about our dogs. Here is a live performance from Italy in 2018… that’s nearly 50 years after its release!

Olds442. ), STREAM ENTIRE SONG HERE FOR FREE. Fun, catchy, upbeat country pop song Billboard Pro; Subscribe; Sign In; Charts Weekly.

Randy idolized Buddy Holly and started composing and Jesse Winchester used the same metaphor in a similarly dark tune, “Black Dog.”. So why not join us?

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