community, Snowy Mountains Scheme, History, Newcastle, Newcastle herald, nsw, news, IT'S a BIG Aussie story full of blood, sweat, tears and death - and yet it's often barely remembered today. Another forgotten episode in the life of the Snowy Scheme was the push in 2005-06 to privatise it. The White Australia policy banned people of colour, but where to draw the line? But if some young Novocastrians now don't know about the BHP Steelworks and being called Steel City until 20 years ago, what hope have they got to know about the, now renamed, Snowy Hydro, project? The man who greatly helped make the Snowy Scheme happen though was Hudson's offsider, Nelson Lemmon, who said later with characteristic bluntness: "After the Snowy, Australia was a nation". At two pounds a time, that represented 10 men an hour.

Adding to the volatile mix was the knowledge many new arrivals had been dire enemies in the recently ended Second World War, but had to put this aside to work together. One of the beauties of this book, describing events of 70 years ago, is that the author spoke to her subjects more than 30 years ago when their memories were sharper. They also supported the family of a worker killed or injured. Even before they landed, there was consternation.

As the unstable slope above the four-storey Carinya Lodge (owned by the Brindabella Ski Club) slipped downhill, it hit the east wing of the Carinya Ski Lodge, tearing it in two. Third, the Commissioner of the SMHEA, Sir William Hudson, was genuinely sensitive to the occurrence of fatalities.

Consider the mind-boggling statistics: on completion, the SMS had built 16 major dams (up to 76 metres high), seven power stations, 80 kilometres of aqueducts and 145 kilometres of interconnected tunnels. It developed into a comprehensive history of the scheme's trials and tribulations, the human stories of the migrant workers, plus politicians and engineers.

Trampling, horse trails and grazing damage was widespread and not just confined to flats and roadsides. [6], The Alpine Way had originally been built as a temporary construction access road by the Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric Authority during the 1950s to access the Murray-1 and Murray-2 hydroelectric power stations constructed as part of the Snowy Mountains Scheme. Those with white buttocks got through, while those with an all-over tan were rejected. Copyright © 2010–2020, The Conversation US, Inc. Don Driscoll is a Friend of The Conversation. We weren’t visiting a wilderness. But, it was the tip of the iceberg. It's dark in that tunnel and work she is rough, By the time it hits payday we've all had enough, So we rush into Cooma to have us one spree, Four Italians, three Germans, two Yugoslavs. "They were everything the dull, staid country boys weren't," remembers local woman Faye Popowski, who married a Yugoslav. The Irish fitted in easily on the Snowy.

A safety adviser was appointed and a part time Working Committee, which included the safety officers of all member organisations, met on a regular basis. Special clearances, for example, were issued in 1950 to recruit 127 skilled Germans, including top scientists. Evidence suggests that safety performance overall on the Snowy Mountains Scheme was better than its counterparts overseas. These included French and US companies as well as Australian.

Four specialists were flown from St George Hospital in Sydney to Thredbo. Good skiers such as the Czechs drifted into hydrography, measuring water levels in remote snow-covered terrain. Beyond the engineering achievements of the Snowy Mountains Scheme, there is the tragic story of those workers killed or seriously injured in the construction of the project.
The steering mechanism of these vehicles was operated by a switch which was prone to cut out at low revs. Many of the rescue workers themselves required treatment of minor injuries and the medical team realised they had to be prepared to treat exhaustion and hypothermia among the workers. McHugh got one of her big breaks with an interview with a retired Nelson Lemmon at Port Macquarie. It may have started as a diplomatic move. Snowy Mountains Scheme. McHugh's book started life as an unusual ABC radio project.

Bimbadeen Staff Lodge was then hit, and it, too, collapsed. In 1998, three terraces with gabions and reinforced fill were constructed on the site and the Alpine Way was rebuilt with upslope retaining walls. Your help would be greatly appreciated. to which a voice called back "I can hear you."

The more McHugh delved, the more fascinating it became. The European arrivals included not only Irish, English and Germans, but Italians, Poles, Latvians, Serbs and Croats, Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, Czechoslovakians, Russians and Norwegians. One respected German technician, when drunk, would start boasting and show photos of Russian soldiers and others he had executed. During the course of the construction over approximately 22 years, at total of 100,000 workers were employed, of whom 121 lost their lives in industrial accidents.

A similar example is the construction of the Bullocks Flat to Blue Cow (Perisher) Ski Tube by the consortium Kumagai Transfield. In December 1954, when work started on the Eucumbene-Tumut tunnel, the miners were excavating the standard 21 metres a week. Snowy Mountains Scheme. Consider the mind-boggling statistics: on completion, the SMS had built 16 major dams (up to 76 metres high), seven power stations, 80 kilometres of aqueducts and 145 kilometres of interconnected tunnels. On pay night, their sexual needs were met by convoys of prostitutes smuggled in from Sydney.
Soil creep had caused the main to fracture, which had saturated the already unstable slope that supported the road above Carinya. The monumental task of tackling the wild mountain country where skiers now roam, began with adventurous geologists and surveyors camping rough in snow as the area, until then, had never been surveyed in detail. Besides being swamped with hordes of foreigners, three small towns were literally inundated, submerged by dams.

He presided over the project for 18 years. During the course of the construction over approximately 22 years, at total of 100,000 workers were employed, of whom 121 lost their lives in industrial accidents. He had lain trapped for 65 hours in a small space between two concrete slabs beside the body of his first wife, Sally,[4] who had died by drowning as a concrete beam had pinned her in a depression that had filled with water overnight. It was also about the making of modern Australia, with an army of workers digging tunnels through the Southern Alps to drive river flow through turbines to generate electricity. If Monument Australia is useful to you, please make a donation to keep this historical and educational resource available.

This mode of operation left the driver vulnerable to running off the road.

By the 1970s, as the scheme drew to a close, Australia was no longer the cringing, post-colonial outpost of the early 1950s. ALTHOUGH the scheme was unusually environmentally aware for its time, it has had unforeseen deleterious effects. The slope of the hillside, which ranged from 20 to 40 degrees and the sub-zero temperatures made rescue efforts difficult. Less than six months later, they got nearly six times that, creating the first of many world records for hard-rock drilling in the process. For the sake of the Kosciuszko National Park landscape, its native species and the welfare of thousands of horses, we hope the revised management plan implements horse management that will work.

One woman begged the removalists to take her laundry floor: years before, she told them, she had vowed not to cut her hair until her fiancΘ came back safe from the war. The noble brumbies of the silver screen have been reduced to starving cannibals in Kosciuszko National Park. Built to provide plentiful and reliable power and for irrigation, the imaginative scheme emerged in "an era when Australia dared to have a vision" as writer Thomas Keneally once wrote. The same sort of people in the army would probably be in the commandos.". At 7:30 am, a forward medical command post was established, set up in a lodge located 50 metres (164 feet) from the site of the disaster. IT'S a BIG Aussie story full of blood, sweat, tears and death - and yet it's often barely remembered today. One apparatchik found a simple solution. As far as we are aware, this behaviour has never been documented before.

The often quoted American target of no more than one person killed per mile of tunnelling was improved on the Snowy Project with an overall underground death rate of 0.6 of a fatality per mile of tunnelling. The consequences of this management choice are not just starving horses forced to scavenge the digestive tracts of their fallen comrades. View entire latest issue- print all of the articles! Fourteen major contractors and consortiums were engaged on the project.

Even given the limitations of the technology available at the time, with proper planning and a pre-eminent concern for the safety of the workforce, the fatality and serious injury rate on the Snowy Project could have been drastically reduced. In the past we have borne all the costs associated with maintaining the website but we are now having difficulties in paying the monthly expenses.

For the remaining distance to Blue Cow (approximately 2.8 km), traditional drill and blast methods were used. I was familiar with this situation after having lived through heavy bombing as a child during the war. The site along with a section of the Alpine Way is now monitored with 25 inclinometers, to detect any slope movement, and 12 piezometers, to keep track of water flow in the soil.[1]. Riding along the fire trail, we dodged mountains of dung, and small groups of horses, for kilometre after kilometre. Eight workers were killed due to the failure of non-vehicular mechanical equipment or being in unsafe proximity to unguarded machinery. Their isolation in the mountains increased the sense of camaraderie.

She had opened a door into a post-war social engineering feat that helped create today's diverse multicultural nation. Write an article and join a growing community of more than 115,000 academics and researchers from 3,739 institutions. She heard harrowing stories of survival, like from a Serbian who had earlier been in a forced labour camp in Germany and also tales of derring-do and danger: like the truck driver who, when his brakes failed, kept his vehicle on the road for half a kilometre until plummeting to certain death on a mountain bend. There are well-established environmental impacts of feral horses in natural environments. There were 18 deaths when the Bimbadeen and Carinya Lodges were destroyed at Thredbo Alpine Village at 11:35 pm on Wednesday, 30 July 1997. Lemmon was among 400 people once interviewed by Irish writer Siobhan McHugh for her landmark book The Snowy - a history, first published in 1989 and reprinted again this year in an updated 70th anniversary edition. Order your copy/copies of this special issue of WORKSAFE news, published by the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission, by contacting Elizabeth Dixon at mailto:[email protected] Subscriptions are free. "They were exciting, they had money, they dressed in the best clothes, bought you the best champagne - they were fun!".

Rescuer Karl Pahl was acutely aware that the concrete would set within two hours. Instead of fresh mountain air, we were accompanied by a smell more commonly associated with horse stables. There is substantial scope to quibble over these calculations, but the quibbling is unlikely to change the conclusion that over ten years, more horses suffer and die, and the environmental impacts are substantially worse without aerial culling than with it. The Thredbo landslide was a catastrophic landslide that occurred at the village and ski resort of Thredbo, New South Wales, Australia, on 30 July 1997. On the Snowy, the nationalities clustered in different occupations. They changed the face of Australian society.

It needed a book. All that will change in a fortnight when the mighty Snowy Mountains Scheme officially celebrates its 70th anniversary and commemorates the hardy men from Snowy River who made it happen.

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