Being from Gatesville, which is my hometown, which is next to Waco, is how we fell into Pat Green. I’m like, look bitch, dance monkey dance.

Jamie Fricke opened up and I loved it. Ballou: I would have to look it up for you but I think 2012-13. Charla told me to come up and have dinner with her and her boyfriend. But when radio came calling, Ballou turned her attention to some of the biggest stations in Texas. I just know that when I got out of line I would get tagged because I had such a potty mouth.

I got officially kicked out after too many people told on me for being a cyber bully. I worked there for 4 years. Since she is more well-known by her alias, I’m just going to refer to her as that in this feature to make it easier. After introducing Dillon, I got to tell that story to the owner of the bar that I haven't seen in years and that was really cool. I ran into her blogs somewhere in the neighborhood of 7 years ago when I fell into the red dirt scene, when some of my favorite musicians started reposting her blogs. He's done it on several occasions with Lone Star Music Magazine. You could definitely tell the people that were crazy and the ones who weren’t. They both charted poorly with "Flutter" peaking at No. You pat our backs and we’ll pat yours, it drives me nuts sometimes. I am sure there are feelings like you are a psycho and why do you keep coming to my shows. There are a lot of people who haven't heard the Guy Clark song. The other story is, the very first blog was written on music row in Nashville. They wanted to call me on shit I said. When Ballou is on the rampage, it’s sure to be an event. It was so stupid because it isn't like we didn't have his picture. And I was like sure dude, whatever, whatever whatever. I took the day off work and drove to Auston.

My writing was clearly me. You have got to go!” There was another moderator named Pete. I texted Chris Austin to tell him I quit. Dierks was really good. I’m not a writer and I don’t fancy myself as one. She was introducing Loretta Lynn. He went with different management.”. It got to be that Dierks was so big we couldn’t see him anymore. He got on early. I would use my hair brush and do the whole Loretta Lynn thing. Who does that!?! There are so many people who would say that they said the same things I did, but I was the one to take the blame. I had to stay home for a year and work at H.E.B. It was a Texas Jam and it said Ace in the hole. LittleOkieLand: Was it a hard choice to decide to take the radio gig and not hide or be anonymous anymore? There were times I wrote articles, and I didn't just come up with that shit.

“Rita Ballou” is actually a musical moniker chosen by Crystal Campbell, the blogger sometimes known as the “Perez Hilton” of the Texas Country/Red Dirt scene. You can find guys anywhere. Back Log in Sign Up. I, for some reason, was not as excited about Alabama as I was Jamie Fricke. I remember going to the red dirt round up and we stood out there for hours sweating and we ran to the front of the stage. I don't think my writing is what made the blog successful, I think it was the ability for people to go in there and write whatever they wanted. He had been in radio for a million years but didn't know anything about the music scene. 1. "Rita Ballou" first appeared on Guy Clark's 1975 debut album, Old No. It's different because you are not tracking like it's live.

But I would hate for someone to come to my studio and make me uncomfortable because it is my house. Is this your profile ? It was really cool to talk to other bands. I went to go work at Shooter and Chris Austin called me because he was a fan of the show.

Or they come in here all hung over, I’m like I get it dude, you’re a rock star, fucking febreeze yourself down and such it up for 30 minutes. They liked what they heard. I had all the little 45’s and stuff. I still don't think I know radio but I learned a lot.

LittleOkieLand: Who is one of your favorite people to interact with whether it was on radio or as Rita Ballou?

You kicked me out. He will laugh every time and it never occurs to him that maybe Bleu has heard that one before.

It was minimum wage, like $7.45. Two, you gave them the freedom to do the same so I think it is both. I called everyone that I know from Dierk’s camp because we could have sworn you were a 300 lbs lady that never left the house.

I was walking through the quad and on the banner in yellow it said “Ace in the hole” band Monday nights at Nephews.
If you go to Perez Hilton’s website, anyone can go on there and say they did crack with who ever. I got to go with Dean Dillon last year with the Ace in the Hole band as their head man.

She didn’t even release her real name for many years, choosing to be anonymous until she landed on Texas radio as a host. I am gonna blow your mind right now! That is when I really came out of the closet. ), Instead of judging these little slutty ass cum dumpsters so harshly, I think I should do my best to use this blog to help them. Kelly Peterson in west Texas, she was the first person who ever put me on the air to do recaps of what was going on. I saw on myspace that he was giving away tickets for the show and I won. Charla had just started at her station and didn't have a lot of pull, and was so sorry she had to do that. We struck up a friendship and I just knew him as Scottie K. That gave me legitimacy because I would send him my images. LittleOkieLand: Any other snarky funny stories that stand out in your career? They were always the same person. I think I was a scapegoat for a lot of people’s anger.

Select this result to view Rita Nicole Ballou's phone number, address, and more. It will be great. That doesn’t make it true.

I absolutely loved it. We have always called these chicks Diesel Sniffers because at the end of a concert instead of getting their picture made with the band, buying a teeshirt, and going the hell home, they are always out by the bus sniffing around. #WorldSeries #Sportsball”

To this day I think it is awesome they took a chance on me. One day, after I had been at US105 for 11 months he called and asked if I was ready to move. Some of these young kids were in the 7th grade when I started blogging. That deal lasted a week until people started reading the blog and getting upset. I never really fit in because every artist would have a different moderator. Charla Corn had just started her night show with Adam Drake and they had a message board where you could watch and talk to them. For the first time I feel encouraged to be the sassy pants that I am.
I learned that if you took a camera to a concert, people just thought you were cool! If they don't exist, add them to Completed.

Everyone has to have a goal and I think it should be my duty to assist them in reaching their goals. When you get to know people as people instead of just bloggers those are the best relationships. Then there is the doe who is the pretty girl who giggles and reads the news, then the dick who is like the asshole. They said, you be you, be sarcastic, funny, and talk shit. I never wrote anything with malice.

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