The first thing you can do is to stop talking to their partner about their past. Thus, they often have unwanted and repetitive images and thoughts of their partners being with ex-lovers in the past. Locking the door temporarily gives them the reassurance they seek, only to then further make the fear of losing their family and/or possessions even greater further down the line.

In fact, ROCD isn’t always necessarily doubts about a romantic partner. This term, however, is slightly misleading. Controlling doesn’t simply mean telling your partner what to wear, or telling them who they can or can’t hang out with.

The compulsion can conversely be a case of mentally reassuring themselves that they really do love their partner. I strongly recommend anyone suffering from ROCD seek a skilled therapist experienced in dealing with Pure-O OCD who can diagnose and treat this issue accordingly. I was left facing the prospect that I may be dealing with the same disorder reported by this Reddit user, as well as many others in this particular OCD forum.

searching the Internet for articles or forums to confirm or deny their fears, asking for reassurance from a friend or partner, or even causing a fight over something their partner previously admitted to them, leading them to compulsively break up out of anger or frustration — erroneously believing that ending the relationship will give them the relief they seek.

Mark Freeman, a former sufferer of OCD as well as various other mental health disorders, breaks these points down further into what he terms as “The Anatomy of a Compulsion: A term used online in cryptocurrency communities like Bitcoin, and one I feel is particularly relevant to Retroactive Jealousy is “FUD” a.k.a. The good news is, however, that once you get the feel for these aforementioned practices, you can summon those feelings up time and again to feel your way into acceptance/letting go/love.

I too realised that I was engaging in these same thought patterns and loops. Doubts about the future of the relationship, their partner’s suitability, or other aspects of their partner’s lifestyle or personality. Most sufferers from ROCD would probably state they’d never do such a thing. More “conventional” types of OCD sufferers, who perform rituals or physical compulsions — such as checking a door is locked twenty times over — do these rituals due to an initial doubt or fear: “someone is going to break in — I need to lock the door”. Retroactive jealousy OCD is a condition in which someone has an unhealthy obsession with his or her partner’s romantic or sexual past.

It is precisely for this reason that Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) is consistently favoured as the form of therapy best suited to treating OCD. Equipped with the right understanding and application of ERP, as well as implementing behavioural changes to reflect your values, you stand a great chance of recovery.

Here is a chart to demonstrate: Relationship OCD is typically ‘broader’ than RJ alone. Anecdotal reports like Sophie’s aren’t uncommon. There is often an intertwining among jealousy, relationships and OCD due to the manifestation of similar symptoms. It is for this reason that controlling can be the most pernicious and most difficult part for many sufferers to face. If you’re constantly checking social media, or your phone, try to wean off it. Experientially, as well as qualitatively, they all feel the same.

Retroactive Jealousy Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is the most extreme, painful, and challenging form of retroactive jealousy.

He reported that after playing out the scenes in his head, he would mentally reassure himself, telling himself things like “she’s still the right girl for me”, unwittingly perpetuating the cycle of his symptoms. What ERP does is expose the sufferer to their anxieties, and has them prevent their “response” of performing a compulsion in reaction to it. And there’s no despicable act that you need to stop yourself from committing. So far, there’s little scientific research exploring this emerging concept. This can be hard to get a feel for some folk who constantly live in their heads, trying to rationalise everything. I also strongly suggest checking out the YouTube channel of Mark Freeman. A final word of warning is that if you suffer from ROCD yourself, and you don’t resolve these issues now, in your current relationship, they will continue to arise in every relationship you ever get into. His books and videos helped me tremendously on my road to recovery from this disorder. The only way to resolve these issues is to face them head-on, and be open and accepting to feeling uncomfortable at times.

Checking can involve reading a partner’s messages, or stalking their social media to see what their previous partner(s) looked like — offering a false sense of sought reassurance.

If it’s your partner’s sexual past that bothers you, as it was in my case, dating someone less promiscuous won’t magically make these issues go away.

When we get stressed about things like retroactive jealousy ocd, did you know a part of our brains becomes “enflamed”. Retroactive jealousy is exactly what it sounds like: It’s jealousy related to a partner’s past actions.

Here are some examples to show how FUD can similarly be applied to Retroactive Jealousy: Fear over losing one’s partner, of ending up alone; fear that they won’t be able to provide for their partner or satisfy them, or that their partner’s past relationships or sexual encounters were somehow more meaningful or novel. I’d personally suggest taking this one step further by incorporating some mindfulness techniques. It could involve mentally reassuring themselves, or asking their partner for reassurance.

There’s actually a Buddhist term for this called metta, often translated as“loving-kindness”, which can give you a feel for the kind of loving you’re aiming for. Checking essentially always boils down to trying to replace an uncertainty that the sufferer is facing by checking to see if things are okay.

It’s a complicated process as to why it may feel like you’re forgiving them, but what is of salience is that loving, and forgiving, both work in overcoming ROCD. This isn’t always a problem; in fact, envy gets the best of most of us one time or another. Essentially, the need to control comes from the doubt and uncertainty the sufferer is feeling with respect to the relationship. Friendships need a healthy balance of give and take, 3 Reasons Why Being Socially Awkward Is Awesome. The belief is that if they can just get more control over the relationship, or more control over their doubts and fears, then their anxieties will disappear.

Next, when you’ve sat with it, instead of simply labelling it as “OCD”, try picking one of these simple questions and mentally ask yourself: “did I think this — or did OCD?” or even: “who thought this?” Can you really be sure that “you” placed that thought there yourself — or did it just come up?

The obsessive thoughts are about events that happened (sometimes a … What Causes Retroactive Jealousy?

It’s worth noting that these accepting, letting go, and loving practices are tactile ones — not intellectual.

However, there’s a good chance they may still be subtly trying to control the relationship and their partner in other, more covert ways. If you’re using porn or alcohol to cope with your feelings, set yourself a goal of two to three months without drinking or watching porn. If you could choose your thoughts, why would you choose ones that make you feel so uncomfortable?

The problem that most sufferers frequently encounter is that their OCD thoughts feel so real. This technique is commonly advocated in Jeffry Schwartz’s “Four Steps to Recovering from OCD”. The reaction to this can, despite what the term “Pure-O” suggests, be a physical compulsion i.e. In an online forum for OCD, a Reddit user posted his experiences with a psychological condition dubbed as ‘Retroactive Jealousy’ or ‘RJ’. As it is perceived as being predominantly mental, it is thus commonly referred to as a form of “Pure-O” OCD i.e. Not “sometimes,” and not “just once more:” nothing, nada, zip, zilch. The takeaway from all this is that you can’t choose your thoughts but you can choose not to take ownership of them.

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