Navratri festival . The day five of the festival is known as Panchami. The festival is celebrated for nine nights consecutively twice a year. The nine colors of Navratri 2020 are yellow, green, gray, orange, white, red, royal blue, pink and purple. Special foods are prepared on Navratri and people are indulged in merrymaking. The tradition of dressing in the same color as that of the avatar has evolved over the years. Day six is known as Sashti. 'Orange' symbolises tranquillity, brightness and Navami, Day 9 - … Maa Kalratri Mantras The 9th day of Navratri is dedicated to Goddess Siddhidatri. represents divine energy, On 6th day, Maa Durga is worshipped in the form in the form of Brahmacharini and the colour Maa Durga is worshipped in the form Green is the color of the day and devotees should dress in attire that is of this color. According to the scriptures there are 8 types of Siddhis – Anima, Mahima, Garima, Laghima, Prapti, Prakyamya, Inshitva, Vashitva. She is dressed in grey colour. This year make your celebration memorable by wearing specific coloured clothes each day. The Goddess as Maha Gauri performed a penance so that she may have Lord Shiva as her husband. On 4th day, Maa Durga is worshipped in the form Day 9:October 25 - Peacock Green Navami Navami puja and rituals are performed on this day. Many rituals are associated with Navratri festival. Nine colors of Navratri 2020. The second day on which Goddess Durga is Worshiped as Brahmacharini, is known as Dwitiya. People worship the goddess so that she may usher in peace and prosperity into their home. Sunday, 25 October. According to tradition, people wear clothes of Grey color on this day.

On this occasion, the nine avatars of the divine Goddess Durga are celebrated with much grandeu for all the 9 days of Navratri. The Goddess purifies her worshipers and also forgives their sins. Maa Durga is worshipped in the form Navratri colours 2020: List of 9 colours and its importance. The day is very auspicious as it is the start of the festival. On this day, Goddess Durga is worshiped as Maha Gauri. She is also said to help remove ignorance. joy and cheerfulness, Maa Durga is worshipped in the form Navratri color of the day - Peacock Green. Every year, while the colors remain the same, the order varies depending on the day Navratri falls. This year the nine-day festival begins on 17 October 2020. The Goddess is dressed in Grey attire on this day. Maa Durga is worshipped in the form This form of the Goddess is considered to be extremely pious. The word Navaratri means 'nine nights' in Sanskrit. Let's take a look at the nine festive colours of this Navratri season and its importance. Stand out in the crowd wearing this exquisite shade of Blue and Green on this day of Navratri.

Sky Blue is the color of this day and devotees should be dressed in this color. knowledge. The fourth day of Navratri is known as Chaturthi and on this day Goddess Durga is worshiped in the form of Kushmanda. The last day of Navratri … of Kushmanda and the colour 'Red' symbolises Saturday, 17 October पूजा करने के लिए मां के स्वरूप के अनुसार कपड़ों के रंग का चयन करना शुभ माना जाता है। ऐसे में चाहें आप सलवार सूट पहनें या साड़ी नवरात्र पर्व में प्रत्येक दिन किस रंग के कपड़े धारण करना हैं ये हम आपको बताएंगे। The first day of Navratri, which is also known as Ghastasthapana, witnesses the holy pooja of the Goddess.
The colour to be worn on the day is Peacock Green.

To please the Goddess, Katya performed many formalities. fulfilled. नवरात्र का पहला दिन शैलपुत्री का पूजन किया जाता है। हिमालय की पुत्री माता शैलपुत्री की पूजा करते समय ग्रे(स्लेटी) रंग के कपड़े पहन कर पूजा करने से लाभ मिलता है।, Copyright © 1999-2020 All rights reserved, It's the first day of Navratri when Kalash. So as you head out to participate in the evening aarti or dandia rass, be sure to be dressed in the colour as ordained for this year. On this Day, people worship Goddess Durga in the form of Katyayani. The nine nights of Navratri depict the battle that took place between Durga and demon Mahishasura. represents the desires and wishes that get of Skanda Mata and the colour 'Royal Blue'

of Chandraghanta and the colour 'White' On this day, people worship the Goddess so that she bestows upon them emancipation, as well as prosperity. Chandraghanta symbolizes bravery and fortitude. People seek the blessings of the Goddess. nourishing qualities. Maa Kalratri is worshipped in the form of the Goddess Durga. The festival of Navratri signifies the victory of good over evil. 9. various aspects of Mother Nature and its Pink is the color of the day and people are advised to wear attires of this color on Sashti. of Siddhidhatri and the colour 'Purple' One of them is of wearing specific color of dress during each day of Navratri. In the this form, Maa Durga looks ve appears in a dark complexion and looks very fierce. On this day people wear attires of Orange color. of Katyayani and the colour 'Yellow' symbolises Day eighth is known as Ashtami. Goddess Durga is worshipped in the form of Gauri on this day of Ashtami, as people revere Her as the Goddess of fertility.

On this day, the Goddess is worshiped as Skandamata, the mother of Kartikeya. represents ambition and energy. On this day, the Goddess is dressed in Red and people can be seen wearing attire that are of the same color. Maa Durga is worshipped in the form The attire that devotes will wear on this day should be of Yellow color. Yes, there is a pattern and meaning behind each color that dazzles the eye. The word Navaratri means 'nine nights' in Sanskrit. Peacock Green implies uniqueness and individuality. Om Devi Kalaratryai Namah The nine days of Navratri are solely dedicated to Goddess Durga and her nine … The third day of Navratri is known as Tritiya. passion. A unique aspect of the worship shown on this day is that the idol is draped with a dress of a specific color to symbolize a specific avatar.

Royal Blue is the color to wear on the seventh day that is Saptami. According to a legend sage Katya wanted to welcome the Goddess as his daughter. Check out below the significance of each day of Navratri and colours associated with each day of puja: The Goddess Durga is worshiped on all nine days of the festival so that she may usher in prosperity and good luck. Navratri Day 9. During the course of the penance, dust accumulated on her body and Lord Shiva washed it with the sacred waters of the Ganga. On this day, Goddess Durga is worshiped in the form of Kalratri. represents peace, calm and purity.
Navratri 2020 is one of the widely celebrated festivals in India. On 2nd day of Navratri, Maa Durga is worshipped On this day, people worship the Goddess as she bestows prosperity on all her devotees. Saraswati Mata Puja is also organized on this day. नवरात्र 2020: नौ दिन इन नौ रंगों के कपड़े पहन करें पूजा, देवी मां की बरसेगी कृपा The nine days of Navratri are solely dedicated to Goddess Durga and her nine Avatars – the Navadurga. Premium Greetings & Messages Website Since 1999. जानें नवरात्रि में किस दिन कौन से रंग का कपड़ा पहनने से माता रानी होती हैं प्रसन्न. She is seen sitting on an ass and has four hands, two of which carry a torch and sword, while the other two hands shows boon giving and protecting poses. The Goddess was finally pleased with Katya and took birth in his home as his daughter and was known as Katyayani. and ends on Day 1- Grey Known as Pratipada, this day is associated with the Shailaputri incarnation of Parvati. It is also known as Maha Saptami. of Gauri and the colour 'Peacock Green' Day nine is known as Navami and it is the last day of the festival. Happy Navaratri! Navratri colours 2020: List of 9 colours and their significance. The colour Peacock Green is significant as it indicates that the wishes and prayers of mortals shall be answered by the Goddess.

The festival is celebrated in different forms in different states. Kalratri, who is also known as Subhankari, means a dark and black knight. The Goddess not only protects her worshipers from all kinds of troubles and negativity of life, but also provides them with utmost happiness. Navratri is said to be one of the major Hindu festivals celebrated across the world and it is full of colours. On this day Goddess Durga is worshiped as Chandraghanta. This year Navaratri 2020 in India will begin on Navratri 2020: Nine colours of Navratri and their significance Happy Navratri 2020: Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Images, Facebook & Whatsapp status Samsung's #FullOnFestival is almost here!

Om Devi Kalratryayi Namah Ekveni Japakarnpoora Nagna KharaasthitaLamboshthi Karnika karni TailaabhyaktshariiriniVaam Paadollasallohlata KantakbhushanaaBardhan Moordham Dhwajaa Krishnaa Kalratrirbhayankari. On this day Maa is offered night jasmines and following mantras are recited, conclude with aarti. Day 2- Orange This color exudes the qualities associated with both of these colors such as compassion and freshness. TOI Astrology | Updated: Oct 18, 2020, 10:54 IST. On this day the Goddess is dressed in a White saree. The nine nights of Navratri depict the battle that took place between Durga and demon Mahishasura. It is believed that as the Goddess laughed, the universe generated. Day seven is known as Saptami. of Kalaratri and the colour 'Green' refers to the Peacock Green is her favorite color.

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