Uses iSecurity to Comply with International Regulatory Requirements, Integrating Your IBM i with Syslog Servers, Integrating IBM i Security Data with an Enterprise SIEM solution using iSecurity Syslog, Better JCL Management with the enhanced Plus+Pack Suite, Critical Steps when Migrating Mainframe Report Management Solutions, DevOps on the Mainframe - Managing the Cultural Divide, Easily Identify 5 IBM i Security & Data Issues in under 15 Minutes, Reduce Help Desk Costs with Self Service Password Reset, 10 Steps That Remove Barriers to Continuous Integration, Key Performance Areas for an Agile Batch Environment, Alpine Bank Improves Operations in Critical Areas With iSecurity, AbsMessage Helps Keep Shaw Broadcast Services Running, Polaris Cuts Costs, Improves Operations with absMessage, BTC Minimized Backup Time and Space Needed with absCompress, iSecurity Makes Sox Compliance a Breeze for First Acceptance, Upcoming Webinar: Safeguarding the IBM i from Ransomware Attacks, Upcoming Webinar: Replacing Your Outdated JCL Management Solution, Europe (CET) Z Webinar: Modernized Mainframe Batch Processing, Product Groups, Development & Enhancement. On the other hand, we'll help you safely and economically share some resources, too. And our management team is happy to work with you and all your software vendors to make sure you get all the support and updates your workload requires. Gone But Definitely Not Forgotten If you wonder whether remote access to a mainframe is really going to be okay, we would like to remind you that IBM has been offering technology for remote IP-based access since the 9672 era. Many of the world’s largest organizations, from insurance companies and investment banks to healthcare companies and federal, state, and local governments, trust Rocket mainframe solutions to manage their critical infrastructure and data, as well as extend those assets. Provide a single point of control for processing and analysis of operational data. Mainframe Software Management provides IBM z mainframe - z114 z10 z9 - cloud hosting, related remote services and disaster recovery capacity for corporate and governmental applications

Performance Management Attachmate IBM The Mainframe Software Directory See expert views on the mainframe and IT infrastructure. type and company. See what’s happening with Linux and Open Source in mainframe computing. See how customers in your industry are succeeding with IBM Z. Established in 1982 Software Engineering of America has built a worldwide reputation as a leading provider of data center software solutions. Gain performance, security and savings with hierarchical database management software for OLTP. Information Management Applied Software To Share And Share Not If your work isn't on its own physical machine, we'll keep it securely isolated by using IBM technologies, such as LPAR configuration and RACF. Transform your app and data portfolio with the privacy, security, and resiliency of IBM Z. Change Management . IMS Al Sherkow's I/S Management Strategies Ltd. Fischer International Systems Corporation. IBM has even trusted Rocket to take ownership of products such as the UniVerse and UniData® application database management systems, and the continued curation of over 30 open source languages and tools for IBM Z. You’ll often find Rocketeers working with IBM developers in their offices (and vice versa), as well as presenting alongside IBMers at events such as SHARE and IBM’s own events. Phoenix Software International Users expect that data and applications will be as readily available on mobile devices and on the cloud as they are on desktop clients, which can mean a significant amount of new application coding. Correlate and prioritize anomalous activity in data with a single user interface.

Uses CICS, and integrates with Global Software Harmonix General Ledger and Global Link products for desktop access. To do this they must make sense of the huge amount of MOST Technologies We'll hook you to our pool of virtual and physical tape subsystems, keep your private disk volumes in our high redundancy disk farm, backup up all the hardware you use (shared or not) with our UPS and backup generator. But we worry, so we have extensive battery backup and, on our roof, an impressively powerful emergency power generator. Test Management William Data Systems Tape Management Basically, if you run a mainframe shop, we do what you do, with the same focus.

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