Stars: Stars: | [36] Kevin Maynard of Mr. Showbiz described the film as "crude and witless",[37] while Rita Kempley of The Washington Post wrote that "your own final destination just might be the box office, to demand your money back". According to Sonderhoff, in order to ensure the safety of the actors, they had to make sure that there was no real sheet metal in the car. One of the film's stars, Lee Van Cleef, was scheduled to accompany Sparr and Finnerman on the scouting trip, but he backed out at the last minute. I remember saying to myself, 'Hey, he just died in a plane crash – that's a little weird.' I think he might have been a dork, you know, doing their stuff and they had their own thing going and they're after the two beautiful girls in school, but there's no chance of that happening.
Seann William Scott, Brendan Fehr, Tony Todd, etc)...,"[55] while Leydon stated that "Sawa is credible as the second-sighted Alex—unlike many other actors cast teen protagonists, he actually looks like he might still be attending high school—but the supporting players are an uneven bunch". [42] Luke Thompson of the Dallas Observer found it "a waste of a decent premise";[43] Ernest Hardy of LA Weekly said that the film "fails because it takes itself both too seriously and not seriously enough". We wrote that version of that experience into the script. A Uruguayan rugby team stranded in the snow swept Andes are forced to use desperate measures to survive after a plane crash. The writers eventually changed it for Scott. This page was last edited on 24 October 2020, at 02:24. Adventure, Drama, Romance. [3][5] New Line Cinema accepted financing and distributing rights for the film after Reddick came to them personally.[4][6]. I think you come into this life with some things to accomplish and you're taken out earlier or later depending on the game plan". When the events from his vision began to occur in reality, he panics until a fight breaks out between him and student Carter Horton.
Scott admired the film and felt that "it's [as] dark and eerie as any Twilight Zone". Ethan Hawke, This list of disaster films represents over half a century of films within the genre.Disaster films are motion pictures which depict an impending or ongoing disaster as a central plot feature. [6] On the other hand, Donella observed how similar his role was to himself. Thank you so much!! [57] At the 2001 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, both Sawa and Larter were nominated for Favorite Actor in Horror (Internet Only) and Favorite Actress in Horror (Internet Only), respectively. [3] Scott was surprised when in the script his character was written as fat. She defined her part as "that girl who has a lot of loss in her life and has fallen for herself and had made a life within that. "Devon has an every man quality that makes him accessible," Wong said. Stars: Peter Finch, The Grey (2011) Numerous film characters are named after famous horror film directors, actors and producers: Billy Hitchcock is named after Alfred Hitchcock, the Browning family and Tod Waggner are named after Tod Browning, Larry Murnau is a reference to Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, Blake Dreyer to Carl Theodor Dreyer, Valerie Lewton to Val Lewton, Agent Schreck to Max Schreck, Terry Chaney to Lon Chaney, Christa Marsh reminds of Fredric March, Agent Weine of Robert Wiene, and George Waggner is directly named after Universal Horror film producer George Waggner. [10][11] It received the Saturn Award for Best Horror Film and Best Performance by a Younger Actor for Sawa's performance. Jake My name is Jake Carpenter. Alex Browning, the last role cast, went to Canadian actor Devon Sawa, who previously starred in the 1999 film Idle Hands. [8][9], The second commentary includes Sawa, Smith, Cloke, and Donella discussing what was involved in certain scenes and how they each were cast. $27.78M, R [47][48], The film gathered positive reviews from several top critics. I have visions of my own". After watching a news report on the cause of the explosion, Alex concludes that Death is reclaiming the survivors according to the sequence of their intended demises on the plane.

The featurette runs for 20 minutes. Both writers were willing to make it into a film, although they rewrote the script to comply with their standards. He's more of a regular kid who can take on the complexities of the role and become a hero". "What a treat for me to get to write a piece that calls you into the movie and lets you know something bad is going to happen from the get-go", Walker said. Wendy Barrie, This list of accidents and incidents involving commercial aircraft includes notable events that have a corresponding Wikipedia article. | | Gross: 46 in Bravo's 100 Greatest Scary Moments, in which Smith represented the film. Robert Aldrich 10, respectively), Simon Hill of Eat Horror (No. Frank Marshall "I believe in fate. None of the other passengers, except Clear, believe Alex about his vision until the plane explodes on takeoff. I became very excited when we decided to make the world at large, in the service of death, our antagonist. [7] The DVD bonus features include three audio commentaries, three deleted scenes, and two documentaries. James Stewart, The single-engine plane they were riding in went down near the Brush Hollow Reservoir outside of Penrose, Colorado. Page 6", "10 Things You Never Knew About Blade Runner", "BORIS SAGAL, 58, MOVIE DIRECTOR, DIES AFTER A HELICOPTER ACCIDENT", "10 Filming Accidents in Bollywood History", "Safety On Set: Helicopter Crashes Have Taken Most Lives On TV And Film Sets", "Stuntman Ken Carter dies in rocket-car wreck", "15 Things We Learned From the 'De Palma' Documentary", "Harrison Ford and Other Injury Prone Stars", "Pepsi Questions Why Michael Jackson Accident Video Was Shared", "Stallone Interview With Ain't It Cool News", "Sylvester Stallone injures neck in fight scenes", "10 Star Actors Who Were Badly Injured on Movie Sets", "On-set injuries that ended up in the movie", "Bodybuilder Wins $487,500 For Injury By Van Damme", "Critically Injured in Filming, Karate Kid Bad Boy Sean Kanan Rallies to Fight to the Finish", "Ultimate Facts: Back to the Future Part III - Page 2 of 3 - The Film Box", "10 Genuine On-Screen Acting Injuries You Probably Missed", "How Schwarzenegger Nearly Broke His Fingers Filming,, "Part II: My Experience on the set of "Gettysburg, "Cameraman Stars in Volcano Ordeal : Rescue: Woodland Hills resident is recovering after spending two days trapped in a Hawaiian crater", "Stuntman is Killed in 3-Story Fall for TV Show", "Shift in copter's approach studied in fatal crash : Probe also targets firm's failure to file film permit", "What directors do when actors drop dead", "Woman Killed in Film Stunt : Accident: Woodland Hills resident was with her stuntman husband when she was struck by a boat", "Officials Investigate Fatal Movie Boat Stunt", "Polone: The Unglamorous, Punishing Hours of Working on a Hollywood Set", "James Cameron and The Incredible Untold Story Behind Titanic", "Kate Winslet's Near-Death Experience During 'Titanic, "33 Things You Didn't Know About the Movie, "Blues Brothers mishaps spark second probe", "Boom's Counterweight Cited as Possible Cause of Fatal Accident", "Stand-in killed as truck drives off cliff", "As deaths rise on reality TV, film sets, many blame need to get 'dramatic footage, "Neal Fredericks, 35; Was Cinematographer on 'The Blair Witch Project, "Kill Bill stunt coordinator on Uma Thurman's accident: 'No stunts were scheduled for the day, "Head injury drove Clooney to think of suicide", "Richard Hammond on his brain injury and shock at Natasha Richardson's death", "Gabrielle Carteris Opens Up About Her Debilitating Injury", "Gabrielle Carteris Sues Makers of Film, Claims On-Set Injury", "Crewman Seriously Injured On Set of Charlie Wilson's War", "Plato injured as Caparo T1 bursts into flames", "Ain't That A Kick In The Head: Bruce Willis Injured", "Special effects expert cleared over death on set of The Dark Knight", "Mariska Hargitay Opens Up About Her Injury", "Stuntman Killed on John Woo Film Set" AP via Yahoo News, "Tom Cruise's film Valkyrie hit by £6m lawsuit from injured extras", "Bret Michaels Injured at the Tony Awards", "Bret Michaels, Tony Awards settle lawsuit over 2009 injuries", "Poison singer Bret Michaels to settle lawsuit over accident at 2009 Tony Awards", "Jolene Van Vugt: The Bad Girl of 'Nitro Circus, "The ULTIMATE Harry Potter Fansite – Deathly Hallows, Half-Blood Prince, JK Rowling, and much more", "Harry Potter stuntman David Holmes vows to return to work", "13 Actors Who Almost Died Filming Major TV Shows - 12. "Nothing that calls attention to itself, but instead creates a sense of uneasiness—the unsettling feeling that something's not quite right". [3][4][6], For the death scenes, the crew used several lifecasts of the actors and chocolate syrup for fake blood. Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times enjoyed the film and gave it three out of four stars, stating that "Final Destination will no doubt be a hit and inspire the obligatory sequels. Robert Zemeckis When his death was ruled as a suicide, Alex sneaks into the funerary along with Clear to examine Tod's corpse when the mortician William Bludworth reveals that the survivors who escape from the impending circumstance have disrupted Death's plan and is now claiming the lives of those who were meant to die from the accident. [31] Final Destination grossed $53,331,147 in the United States and Canada on its total screening, and earned $59,549,147 in other territories, earning an overall gross of $112,880,294 internationally. | This film about a plane's crash landing and the dark investigation into the vessel's captain might be too intense to screen in the air. [2] The DVD release of the film, released on September 26, 2000, in the United States and Canada,[7] includes commentaries, deleted scenes, and documentaries.[4][8][9]. He and several of his classmates leave the plane before the explosion occurs, but Death later takes the lives of those who were meant to die on the plane. | [23], The score was positively received by critics. 514,347 3 in the United States box office on its opening weekend, behind biography film Erin Brockovich and the science fiction film Mission to Mars. [11] On June 14, 2010, Nick Hyman of Metacritic included Final Destination in the website's editorial 15 Movies the Critics Got Wrong, noting that "the elaborate suspense/action set pieces from the first two films are more impressive than most". The cast members were filming other projects during production, so filming schedules had to be moved repeatedly for all of the cast to appear. Elle Macpherson, Josh Hamilton, This list of disaster films represents over half a century of films within the genre. [25] Mike Long of DVD Review said that "Shirley Walker’s eerie score comes across powerfully with a wide spatial integration". [15] Morgan initially wanted Todd for the role because he felt his deep voice would give the film an eerie tone. | [22] The "Main Title" piece, used for the opening credits, was rare for opening a film aimed at a youth audience at the time. Stuart Whitman, Richard Attenborough, Helen Hunt, [21][22][23][24] Wong and Morgan initially wanted Walker to score the film after having previously worked with her on their sci-fi television series Space: Above and Beyond.

[50] Joe Leydon of Variety praised the film, saying "[it] generates a respectable amount of suspense and takes a few unexpected turns while covering familiar territory",[51] while Kevin Thomas of the Los Angeles Times said it was "a terrific theatrical feature debut for television veterans Glen Morgan and James Wong". [49] Mick LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle praised the film, saying "[it] was playful and energized enough to keep an audience guessing". $51.58M, PG-13

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