By logging in or registering, you agree to our. Life expectancy at birth is also a measure of overall quality of life in a country and summarizes the mortality at all ages. [7], In 1936, Spain was engulfed in a Civil War between the Republican faction led by President Manuel Azaña; and the Nationalist faction led by General Francisco Franco.

[14], Diplomatic relations between Ireland and the Kingdom of Spain, Independence for the Republic of Ireland and the Spanish Civil War, Micheline Walsh, "The Military Order of St Patrick" in, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Irish involvement in the Spanish Civil War, Irish socialist volunteers in the Spanish Civil War, Ireland and Spain 1931-1933. The annual number of births per 1,000 people in Spain is 9.88 while in Ireland it is 15.18. The Government of Ireland was part of a process along with the UK and US Governments that helped broker what is known as The Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland in 1998. In 1935, the first Irish Minister was appointed to Spain with residence in Madrid. Data is originally sourced from either criminal justice or public health systems.
It is the 52nd largest country in the Check out the recommended reading list below for great sources of information on Spain, Show the size of Spain compared to Ireland, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. The World Factbook. The statistics on this page were calculated using the following data sources: Both the Republic of Ireland and Spain have signed several bilateral agreements (mostly prior to both states joining the European Union), such as an Agreement on the Exchange of Diplomatic Pouches (1935); Agreement on the Exchange of Information regarding Meteorology (1950); Extradition Treaty (1957); Cultural Cooperation Agreement (1980); Spanish Agreement on Renouncing Historic Rights of Fishing in Irish Waters (1980) and an Agreement on the Avoidance of Double Taxation (1994). [1] The first diplomatic contact between Irish and Spanish nobility happened in April 1529 when the Spanish ambassador, Don Gonzalez Fernandez, visited Ireland and met with The 10th Earl of Desmond. Norman invasions began in the 12th century and set off more than seven centuries of Anglo-Irish struggle marked by fierce rebellions and harsh repressions. 1,600 people in Spain and 100 people in Ireland die from AIDS each year. CIA World Factbook, Ireland consumes 1.2516 gallons of oil per day per capita while Spain consumes 1.2180, This entry is the total oil consumed in gallons per day (gal/day) divided by the population. Subsequent failure to embrace the mercantile and industrial revolutions caused the country to fall behind Britain, France, and Germany in economic and political power. How big is Ireland compared to Spain? In Ireland, that number is 1,448 km. In Ireland, on the other hand, 3.6 children do as of 2020. As the tables below demonstrate Ireland has a poor record against the Spanish. Source: Spain has an unemployment rate of 24.50% while Ireland has 11.30%, This entry contains the percent of the labor force that is without jobs. Ireland was neutral in World War II and continues its policy of military neutrality. Source:

The agreement, known as the Treaty of Dingle, gave a formal legal and constitutional foundation to the rights of citizenship and other privileges that Irish exiles and émigrés enjoyed in Habsburg Spain, Habsburg Austria and Habsburg Netherlands from the 16th to the early 20th centuries. Subsequent failure to embrace the mercantile and industrial revolutions caused the country to fall behind Britain, France, and Germany in economic and political power. In Ireland, that number is 6.7% as of 2017. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Per capita public and private health expenditures combined in Spain are $2,807.70 USD while Ireland spends $3,708.50 USD, This entry contains the per capita public and private health expenditure at purchase power parity using US Dollars. The number of deaths of infants under one year old in a given year per 1,000 live births in Spain is 3.33 while in Ireland it is 3.74. International Centre for Prison Studies, Employed persons in Spain work an average of 1664 hours each year while persons in Ireland work an average of 1815 hours, This entry contains the total number of hours worked over the year for the average employed person In Spain, 21.1% live below the poverty line as of 2012. Ireland has beautiful lush green mountains and incredibly spectacular sea cliffs but Spain has great cities like Barcelona and Madrid.
The economic boom years of the Celtic Tiger (1995-2007) saw rapid economic growth, which came to an abrupt end in 2008 with the meltdown of the Irish banking system. The Republic of Ireland has played Spain 25 times, more often than any other international opposition. CIA World Factbook. However, Ireland (North and South) was divided in opinion over the war. The Irish famine of the mid-19th century saw the population of the island drop by one third through starvation and emigration. Spain spends 4.2% of its total GDP on education as of 2016. [5] Several prominent Spanish officials of Irish origin governed and administered Spanish colonies as Viceroy's such as Ambrosio O'Higgins in Peru and Juan O'Donojú in Mexico or became ministers in the Spanish government, most notably Leopoldo O'Donnell and his relatives Carlos O'Donnell and Juan O'Donnell.

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