From this day the tradition of the festival was made. On this day sisters rejoice the fact of having a loving brother who always protects them! The yamuna said that gentleman! Posted on : 20th September, 2017. Bhai Tika (Bhai Dooj called in India), the festival of celebrating the brother and sister love, falls on the last day of the Tihar. Bhai Dooj is known by various names; for eg, Bhau Beej (in Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka), Bhai Tika (in Nepal), Bhathru Dwithiya, Bhau-deej, Bhai Phota (in Bengal), and Ningol Chakuba (in Manipur). The special Hindu festival known as Bhai Dooj is celebrated for the eternal bond between different siblings. In Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa states, it is stated as Bhai Beej/Bhav Beej. Auspicious time for holding Bhai Tikka ceremonies in Nepal is asserted by royal prognosticator through the public broadcasting system on the eve of the pageant. Bhai Dooj is an important occasion which is celebrated across the whole India with great enthusiasm and spirit. They also offer prayers to God for the wellness and happiness of their brothers. Among the traditional sweets, Kheer and coconut laddoos are some of the popular dishes for the occasion. Those staying far off either take out few days to visit her brother or express their love and blessings through posting greeting cards or e-cards and sending their good wishes. Bhai Dooj 2020: Find out Bhai Dooj Date, Timing, Tika muhurat, Puja vidhi, Katha, Significance, History, Rituals What is bhai dooj and why we celebrate Bhai dooj. The occasion is also widely celebrated by the communities of Newari, Maithali, Tharu, Bahun and Chhetri in Nepal. Sisters apply tilak made with rice and saffron on the foreheads of the brothers to protect them from evil eyes and negativities. The occasion is also celebrated as Bhai Bij or Bhau Bij in Maharashtra, Haryana, Gujarat, and Karnataka.In Gujarat, it is celebrated in the form of Bhai Beej with the application of traditional tilak and performing the special aarti or prayers. Bhai Dooj is celebrated in many parts of India and Nepal. Seeing yamraj coming to his home, yamuna was not the place of happiness. Traditional rituals are followed in the ‘tika’ ceremony. It is an important festival in West Bengal, Bihar, Gujarat and Maharashtra. In Bengal, it is referred to as Bhai Phonta, whereas, in Nepal, it is exalted as Bhai Tika. Like my sister who treats her brother honorably this day, she does not fear you. Traditional rituals are followed in the ‘tika’ ceremony. “Tihar” means Tika in Hindi which is applied on the forehead of the brother by sisters. Basundi Poori or Kheerni Poori and Shrikhand Poori are some of the popular dishes of the festival. Subhadra welcomed him in the traditional way by performing aarti and putting a tilak on his forehead after his remarkable victory. Brothers in return bless their sisters and pray for their well-being. It is my religion to follow the goodwill that the sister is calling to me. If the ganges cannot be bathed in the yamuna, then brother should take a bath in sister’s house. Celebrations of Bhai Tika / Bhaiya dooj. It is very important to have a meal at sister’s house on this day. 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The Tikka of Bhai Dooj comprises seven colors. That is why the bhayyasuj is worshiped yamraaj and yamuna. his brother long and happy life are also conveyed. Sisters wish for the happy, healthy, and wealthy life of their brothers and offer their prayers to God to bless them; whereas the brothers give a lifetime promise of protection to their sisters. How to celebrate Bhai Dooj? Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Every big and small celebration is incomplete without the presence of exciting gift items. A lamp facing the south direction is lit and it is considered a good omen to see a flying kite in the sky in order to get your wishes fulfilled. The brothers are made to sit on a seat made by rice flour. • At the arrival of her brother, she applies vermillion tilak to his forehead and does Aarti. This helps to keep the family close and brings prosperity, well being and luck. The whole ceremony signifies the duty of a brother to protect his sister, as well as a sister's blessings for her brother. Bhai dooj: Bhai dooj the festival of brother duo strengthens the affection of brother siblings.This festival is celebrated two days after diwali. (Source: Pinterest), Bhai Dooj 2017 History Significance How to Celebrate, Coronavirus in Delhi: Govt prepared to tackle predicted rise in Covid-19 cases in upcoming festive, winter season, says Satyender Jain, Seaplane to be used for flights between Sabarmati riverfront, Statue of Unity reaches Kochi, Covid-19: Vaccine storage issues could leave 3 billion people without access, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Share Price, This website follows the DNPA’s code of conduct. There is also the exchange of Bhai Dooj gifts among brother and sister on the occasion and blessings are taken from the elders. Bhai Dooj is the celebration of the strong and special bond shared by the brothers and sisters with each other. Bhai Dooj is also known as Bhau Beej, bhaiyya dooj. Click here to join our channel and stay updated with the latest Biz news and updates. Celebrating Indian festivals without following any proper customs and traditions make them lose their festive flavors.

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