Women also had to pass literacy tests to be able to vote as well.

Women winning the right to vote in Texas was the result of many years of hard work by individuals as well as such organizations as the Texas Equal Suffrage Association. The Texas Woman Suffrage Association is renamed the, A Texas chapter of the suffrage group, the. The suffragists lobbied the legislators beforehand and secured commitments from them to persuade Hobby that a primary suffrage law could pass.

On November 11, 1918, the armistice was signed in Europe, bringing an end to the fighting in the Great War. Texas suffragists pledged to support Hobby in his bid to be elected governor in his own right if he would push for passage of a bill that would grant women suffrage in the Texas primary elections.

Supporters included Rep. Fritz Lanham of Weatherford, former editor and son of a former governor, Rep. Hatton Sumners of Dallas, a former prosecutor, Rep. Lucian Parrish, a Henrietta attorney, Rep. Claude Hudspeth, an El Paso rancher, and Rep. John Jones, an Amarillo lawyer and future federal judge. The Texas Equal Rights Association, formed in 1893, was among the first organizations to push for the vote, inspiring a failed bill in the legislature in 1895. In the end, their efforts were not enough.

Tennessee became the last state needed for ratification on August 18, 1920, approved by a margin of one vote. as shown by this postcard. The state-suffrage-first advocates were generally strong prohibitionists.

But come election day, most were turned away by polling place officials on the “legal” basis that the primary was open to whites only. The law would not go into effect for 90 days, meaning that women would have only 17 days in which to register to vote before the July primary. The Texas legislature ratified the amendment on June 28, less than a month after it was sent to the states. The suffrage question was reflected in popular culture Many of the foreign born, especially German Americans, were also staunch anti-prohibitionists. The effort now turned to Congress and a constitutional amendment to give the vote to women. The Seneca Falls Convention, held in Seneca Falls, New York, in 1848, called for all women to be given equal rights with men, but it took decades to overcome political obstacles and social conventions that kept women out of the election process. or 512-463-5465

The suffrage amendment as passed included granting the right to vote for women. She became the first woman president of the Texas State Teacher's Association in 1916. - Texas Constitution of 1876, Article VI", "How Texas Women Delivered the Nineteenth Amendment", "Votes for Women! The women chose to focus on primary suffrage rather than full suffrage for practical political reasons. The suffragists held mass meetings, circulated petitions, and went door-to-door to persuade voters of their cause. Fax: 512-936-2306, Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center, Website Policies | Accessibility Resources | Texas Library and Archives Foundation, Inc. | Subscribe - Events Newsletter, © 2020 Texas State Library and Archives Commission, The suffrage question was reflected in popular culture. Representative Charles B. Metcalfe of San Angelo introduced primary suffrage as an amendment to the reform bill.

TESA did allow men to join. They overwhelmingly voted in favor of Hobby's reelection. Now passing Congress, states quickly took up the issue amid a storm of protest from anti-suffragists. #1991/9-3. TESA did not allow black women as members, because at the time to do so would have been "political suicide." By June 1918 there were 98 votes-for-women organizations. but not everyone was enthusiastic. These early victories were outcomes of the infrastructure for civic involvement created by early 20th century women clubs,  a foundation that would lead to later gains in both voting access and increased political leadership for all Texas women during the civil rights era. TERA closed operations due to internal problems and lack of funding. The constitutional amendment that had passed the U.S. House of Representatives in January 1918 was still languishing in the Senate 10 months later. or 512-463-5458

The Texas legislature had also passed a resolution in January 1919 to amend the Texas state constitution allowing women to vote in all elections. M-F 8:00 am to 4:45 pm, Tel: 1-800-252-9386 Minnie Cunningham of Galveston came to lead the new Texas Equal Suffrage Association in 1916 and tirelessly lobbied legislators. Browse previous blog posts by month and year of entry. The Nineteenth Amendment was ratified just in time for women to vote in the 1920 presidential election. She returned to college, earning a master's degree from the University of Texas and a Ph.D. from Cornell.

The Texas delegation split, with 10 in favor and 7 against. *TAWC is also sometimes known as the Texas Association of Colored Women’s Clubs, or TACWC. This is a timeline of women's suffrage in Texas. She joined the faculty of North Texas State Normal College (now the University of North Texas). A women's suffrage bill for a Texas state constitutional amendment is approved in a committee of the Texas House of Representatives, but defeated by the House as a whole. How the Texas Panhandle helped drive the passage of women’s suffrage Students in Canyon worked for suffrage in a region that was more progressive than other parts of the state.

It also included a citizenship clause. To win full suffrage, the state's constitution would have be amended, requiring a two-thirds vote of the legislature and approval by the voters in a statewide election.

Minnie Fisher Cunningham returned to Texas to lead the campaign, with McCallum heading up press and publicity. The legal right of women to vote was established in the United States over the course of more than half a century, first in various states and localities, sometimes on a limited basis, and then nationally in 1920..

Campbell Centre II | 8150 North Central Expy. For the first time, there was movement in Congress on a women's suffrage bill that would amend the U.S. Constitution to give women the vote.

The annual convention of TESA is held in Austin. The first women’s “suffragette club” opened in 1908 in Austin.

In 1916, Ames organized the Georgetown Equal Suffrage League and began to write a weekly column for the Williamson County Sun. Texas was also the first southern state to vote in favor of the national suffrage amendment, a significant victory since resistance to woman suffrage had been particularly strong in the south.

© Gannett Co., Inc. 2020. In the end, McCallum and her supporters were forced to accept the fact that a state amendment was coming and that the future of women's suffrage in Texas would ride not on a lobbying effort but on a statewide campaign before the male voters of Texas. Noted For: Suffrage promotion, community service, issue awareness, and cultural and educational programming. The governor of Texas during the 1915 and 1917 legislative sessions was James E. Ferguson, an unwavering opponent of woman suffrage. He can be reached at drkenbridges@gmail.com.

Texas was the first southern state and the first western state to … African-American temperance activist Eliza Peterson of Texarkana openly campaigned for the vote, and Hispanic newspaper editor Jovita Idar rallied support in the state’s Spanish-language newspapers. All rights reserved. or 512-463-5458 Hobby was reluctant to make women's suffrage part of the agenda for the session and instead submitted another primary reform measure that did not include mention of women.

This “packaged” deal lost at the polls by 25,000 votes, so the lady activists of Texas turned again to their grassroots support. Fax: 512-936-0685, Reading room hours:

Texas Library and Archives Foundation, Inc. Their work paid off and in June 1919, the federal woman suffrage amendment was submitted to the states. When the state amendment was put to Texas voters in the May 1919 general election, it had been defeated. Digital access or digital and print delivery.

Five days later, the Senate voted to give Texas women the right to vote.

They had the support of some Texas legislators, like Governor William P. Hobby. In 1906, they affiliated with the National Association of Colored Women’s Clubs, and in 1956 the organization converted into the Texas Association of Women’s Clubs.

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By Ken Bridges, Special to the Herald Democrat, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. How did the Texas State Legislature support women’s suffrage in 1918?

She became a schoolteacher after completing high school in La Grange, then worked her way through the University of Texas.

Annette, Elizabeth and Katharine Finnigan create an Equal Suffrage League in, First women's suffrage convention since 1904 takes place in Texas at the, Texas women march with women from other states in. or 512-463-5465

Jim Ferguson, rejected it. They had drives and competitions to register as many women as possible, then held classes and distributed literature to educate women about the candidates and issues and on how to cast a ballot. The prohibitionists felt that it would take the female vote to defeat the liquor lobby and make prohibition the law in Texas. The new law proposed that only full citizens would be allowed to vote. Prints and Photographs Collection, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission. Next>> The vote came down the wire, with President Wilson endorsing the measure only at the last minute. Thirty-six out of 48 states were required for ratification.

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