The Straits Times, p. 26; Gongxi... Gongxi... Selamat Hari Raya... (1998, January 28). It is not intended to be an exhaustive or complete history of the subject. (1993, March 2). (2005, October 31). After the fasting, comes the joy of Hari Raya Puasa. The Straits Times, p. 4. Other practices observed include asking forgiveness from elders and visiting relatives and friends. Retrieved from NewspaperSG. Zuzanita Zakaria. Retrieved from NewspaperSG.

The Straits Times, p. 4. Next Gongxi Raya occurs in 2028. Zuzanita Zakaria.

Why not have a go at them together! (Call no. Muslims in Singapore: A shared vision. (2009, September 24). (Call no. Ramadan: Time for kindness, peace and perseverance. Festival of Eid follows fasting of Ramadan. Texas: Raintree Steck Vaughn, p. 7. Nearby Translations. The Singapore Free Press, p. 5; Chng, G. (1984, June 3). It is a celebratory occasion following a month of fasting, which is known as Ramadan.1 The term hari raya is Malay for “big (or grand) day of rejoicing”.2  Date According to the Hijrah calendar, Hari Raya Puasa falls on the first day of the 10th month.3 The Hijrah is a lunar calendar and therefore the dates on which Hari Raya Puasa falls vary from year to year.4 Hari Raya Puasa should not be mistaken for the first day of the Islamic New Year.5 Fasting month  Ramadan falls on the ninth month of the Islamic year.6 Puasa is Malay for “fasting”.7 Fasting in Islam means abstaining from eating, drinking, smoking and indulging in any form of behaviour that serves to nullify the fast.

Semangat muhibah usah terbatas pada Gongxi Raya sahaja. The information in this article is valid as at, Festival of Eid follows fasting of Ramadan, After the fasting, comes the joy of Hari Raya Puasa, Ramadan: Time for kindness, peace and perseverance, Food bazaars flourish in the fasting month, Celebrating with feasting, forgiveness and solemn prayer, Keeping cemeteries clean before that Hari Raya visit, Hari Raya: Traditional practices retain their grip, Hoping to get away this season? The festival of Eid, known in Singapore as Hari Raya Aidilfitri or Hari Raya Puasa, falls on the first day of Syawal, the 10th month of the Hijrah (Islamic) calendar. Other practices observed include asking forgiveness from elders and visiting relatives and friends. The Straits Times, p. 16; Tuminah Sapawi. The Straits Times, p. 5. This led to the coining of the term Deepa Raya that was used in both Singapore and Malaysia.26 Authors Mazelan Anuar & Heirwin Mohd Nasir References 1. 3. (1998, February 7). Retrieved from NewspaperSG. Common threads that bind us [Microfilm no. New Straits Times. Although it is not required for Muslims to visit the cemetery during Hari Raya, many do so as a remembrance of those who have left them. Many turn Deepa-Raya into long break. Retrieved 2016, November 2 from MUIS website:; Nazrul Amri. The occasion also brought about a shared experience of respect for ethnic diversity and tolerance of cultural differences.24 Both Muslims and the Chinese kept their homes open to visitations from friends and relatives, bringing about closer ties.25 Hari Raya Puasa 2004–2006 In 2004, Deepavali fell on 11 November, just three days before Hari Raya. (1999, January 7). Retrieved 2016, November 2 from MUIS website: 18.

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