The initial moves in a chess game generally have a great impact on its further development through the later stages. * With the help of your pawns, try to get an advantage in space and weaken your opponent's pawn position. Black is hoping to create an escape for the king to f8 then e7. Protecting means if your opponent can take your piece, then you can take your opponent’s piece. It is not a secret that the main objective of opening is development. 2. In the diagram above, both players have castled within the first five moves of the game.

Let’s see how White takes advantage of this. The best way to stay safe is to ask yourself each turn “if my opponent had another move, what would he or she play?”. * Begin the game with a center pawn, and develop the minor pieces so that they influence  the center               * Develop harmoniously!

(A two-part equation.) Attacks in the center also tend to be the most effective. 6. Advanced chess knowledge may sometimes deflect you from the most important, fundamental rules. Once you've done that, it's time to move the queen and connect the rooks. In this section we will lay down a set of rules to follow in the opening stages of the game. Below is an example to demonstrate what can happen when one does not follow the above principles: Here the game goes: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 – both players have moved their center pawns and developed minor pieces now. Shake hands and congratulate your opponent. Take control of the game by developing your pieces rapidly to squares where they control the center. 4. Even GMs suffer from opening disasters from time to time. There is a list of 1,327 moves made by either the white or black pieces that are considered a chess opening. 16.Qh3! This move creates another threat. Please do leave a comment!

The four main principles of flight are lift, drag, weight, and thrust. The center of the board includes the squares e4, d4, e5, and d5. This is another important move to learn. Bring out your knights before developing your bishops, especially the Queen's … This is my motto in chess. 4.c3 Nf6 5.d4 – now White is controlling the … ), gaining recognition as one of the strongest non-Soviet players in the world. Nxe4 16.Bxe7. In the initial position White, because of the extra move, has a slight advantage. White combines pressure against the h7-pawn from the queen at h3 and the bishop at d3; meanwhile the white bishop at g5 threatens to trade off the only black piece protecting h7, the f6-knight.

iChess LLC All Rights Reserved. This lesson is a must-read for beginner players. Knights and bishops are minor pieces when compared to queen and rooks, so it is better not to rush the development of the latter. Black is facing serious problems. Play to get control of the center. One of the key opening rules of thumb is to castle as soon as possible (General Principle #5: Castle Early). Black’s knight on c6 has to run and this will lose a move,as has already happened with the bishop going back to b6.Black still has to develop his bishop on c8 and must castle, although he has lost the center. At the same time,there are some, Let us examine a game which is a very good example for, In the diagram above, White has done an excellent job in establishing, Conversely, Black has played the first few, It is also worth noting that the positions around the kings — specifically, the three pawns in front of the, In the above game, White moved as per the, If you like this article and want to learn more about openings, please download our Free ebook, 'Chess opening fundamentals by GM Smirnov'. This led to him representing the "World" team in the great "USSR vs. Rest of the World" match of 1970, where he occupied fourth board and had a commendable +1 score against the formidable Soviet Grandmaster Lev Polugaevsky—in some regards his greatest result. Let us see another example based on occupying or controlling the center. Free shipping to North America and Europe. Do not violate the Opening Principles of Chess Do not move any piece twice in the opening, but put it at once on the right square. They represent the center in a chessboard and play a fundamental role in the success or failure of both attack and defense. To that effect, early advances of the d- and/or e-pawn are generally good practice.
8. Here are my power principles of chess, something which all beginners and novice players should follow: 1. Until then, you should treat these rules like laws of nature - break them at your peril! 1. I became a fan of the opening.
The king is the main target in the chessboard so its safety should be a priority early in the game. Many beginners are otherwise concerned on peripherical operations in order to free the rooks, but it is key to bear in mind that pushing the a- and/or h-pawn too early in the game tends to limit central control and hinders the development of other pieces which require higher priority. 11.Nc6 An excellent move!

The opening is when each side focuses on developing their pieces from the back rank. Do not move any pawns in the opening of a game but the King and Queen pawns. At the start of the games most pieces can't move at all and the knights can only move to two squares each. The center―particularly, the squares e4, d4, e5, and d5―is the most important area of the chessboard; control of the center allows more mobility for the pieces, as well as easy access to all parts of the board. When playing chess, there are a lot of possible combinations to think about. Opening principles. I also recall that i never won with the Fianchetto. Conversely, Black has played the first few moves poorly. The opening is when each side focuses on developing their pieces from the back rank.

Protect your King AND castle early! * The creation of conditions that permit early castling. Unfortunately, it is a little too late. Pick the most suitable square for a piece and develop it there once and for all. Moving these pawns (g4-h4) in the opening will generally make the king very vulnerable, as it opens lines of attack for the other player’s pieces. Usually the best way to secure your king is to castle. 2.

Phases Of The Game: Chess games typically feature three phases. You want to develop your knights and bishops and castle quickly. Early development of knights and bishops help in controlling the center and helps preventing annoying attacks to the heavier pieces. Yet no one can deny that a deep understanding of chess openings – and the plans associated with each one – is a huge advantage at ANY level of chess. I prefer 20.Rg3+ a little more since it attacks the king immediately. It is highly recommended to activate all the pieces as soon as possible, bringing dynamism to our play. The four key squares in a chess game are ‘d4’, ‘d5’, ‘e4’ and ‘e5’. Develop pieces rapidly. Get to know the do’s and don’ts at the beginning of a chess game! * Liquidation, with consequent development or disembarrassment. Threatening 15.Qe4! Qa5 Nc6 7. The term can refer to the initial moves by either side, White or Black, but an opening by Black may also be known as a defense.There are dozens of different openings, and hundreds of variants. 2. 4.

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