America’s foundation was built by all immigrants and the sons and daughters of immigrants. Cool Shirt – Buy it now for less than $25 !

Small battles every day, personal and public. Yes, it’s gotten that bad!

I signed up just to compliment work well done!

(please don’t be a feminazi, please don’t be a feminazi; it was just a harmless joke.).

It is a definitive point, that the American Naval force has chosen that flag to represent it’s country. Let me give another example. Luke : 10:18-20 (18)” And He ( Jesus) said unto them, “I beheld satan as lightening fall from heaven. Yup, its a warning- not a threat which I feel carries more weight anyway. What’s not included are all the hot button issues The Left used to separate us.

Ignorance is to blame on the hatred of such beloved historical standards as this flag, the original meaning of its purpose has been washed away by those that have no idea of why it is still important to bear this standard today, to show that we are a country of citizens that will not be controlled by a foreign entity and if our liberty is put to the wire we will fight with the very same passion that won our independence. Here’s a good overview to give you a really good idea of it’s general history from inception to present day. To learn more, I did what anybody would do in this situation.

Rattling of her tail

You can follow her on Twitter: @JennyBoylan. I am a Republican myself, though more conservative. I will not fly this flag. Thanks Vincent, much appreciate the support!

He is not perfect nor is any man or woman. I was reading on how ridiculous about the post of 666 being on a flag.

The United States Navy also utilized an earlier version of the flag. Except disuse. Awesome!!! var zergnet = document.createElement('script'); The message don’t tread on me send is this…..if you do something that I feel threatens my preferred lifestyle I’m going to react with violence.

Be honest. It’s not. It was conceived of and developed in a totally non-racial context during the revolutionary war. Meanwhile they should do their own damn work! Currently, there are several variations of this flag but the message remains the same.

The word “Don’t” may be written with or without the apostrophe.

Wow, i usually don’t read long replies, but i got hooked on your well thought and well written piece. (We must stand up to wrong and never let the unclean things in the world touch us) God gave us our freedom and when we aren’t righteous that freedom is taken away. Thank you for explaining the historical side of the flag! People in your life are too afraid to tell you they think you’re insane. In all my research, I still can’t figure out why many otherwise seemingly rational left-leaning liberal or “progressive” citizens of the USA persecute those who fly this flag.

All this to say, using the rattlesnake as a symbol of American independence and strength made perfect sense due to the predominance of the timber rattlesnake throughout the Thirteen Colonies and the perception of the rattlesnake as an animal that won’t attack until provoked, but will leave a nasty bite once it is. Take off the fallen nature of man and put on the new man Jesus Christ. Thanks for your time everybody. If you don’t like are president vote against him next time.

Now some…… neighbors are offended. I would not have been able to start and sell a company, nor would I have the company which we have now if I were to try to talk to those from the other side, in a calm and rational way to try and sway minds…I’m in sales and I have solid arguments so I’m not silent because I’m afraid of what people will think of me, but I’m silent because my families well being and our future, would 1000% be in jeopardy of going out of business.

The same crown that recognized the Magna Carta, that recognized free, unedited, speech. (19) “BEHOLD, I GIVE YOU THE POWER TO TREAD UPON SERPENTS AND SCORPIONS , and over all the power of the enemy :and nothing shall any means hurt you” (20) “Not withstanding in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you, but rather rejoice because your names are written in heaven.”.

It seems like this neighbor has used a peaceful, legitimate, and inarguable means to enforce their land rights, one in particular that allows them to protect themselves in a court of law if necessary.

This years election is jacked up but I know that we should just sit there and do nothing.

Unfortunately, you can SAY the meaning doesn’t change just because someone interprets it another way, but in reality, if 90% of the population associates a symbol with something other than its original meaning, then the meaning HAS changed. In a satirical article, Benjamin Franklin suggested that the Americas send rattlesnakes to Britain as a response to their sending of convicted criminals to the colonies. … except for that whole “we rule over you because we started your pathetic little country” thing from the King of England!

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