It's utterly ridiculous, but in this show it absolutely works. Apparently it means “a person of great wealth or prominence.” So now we all know! Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's. From the hair, the clothing, the speech, and the fact that he was totally unstoppable, he just screamed Terminator. At one point, Mayor Larry Kline even says, "It's Arnold Schwarzenegger," showing just how clear it was. From the hair, the clothing, the speech, and the fact that he was totally unstoppable, he just screamed Terminator. There are several Terminator attractions dotted around the world, and they can be found in some of the biggest parks such as Universal Studios Japan, with former locations being Hollywood and Florida. RELATED: Stranger Things: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Joyce Byers. Thanks to the talent of Robin Williams and the spot-on posture in the animation, this is actually a really solid De Niro impression. One of the most obvious ways is the fact that the character was available in a WWE video game, and Triple H did a Terminator inspired entrance at WrestleMania. Roman Holiday: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Movie. But that isn't the only way. Another classic cartoon television show that has referenced The Terminator in the past is Futurama, which much like Family Guy, is well-known for doing things like this. As children, we were not yet privy to the supposed final words of Julius Caesar, but now that we are older we totally *get it*. From small winks and nods with certain scenes that the show has shot, to absolutely blatant references to the movie, the cartoon show has covered the movie in detail. That snake tries to stop the resistance leader from being born, with the Terminator snakes taking over the snake world in the future. What Genie references went over your head as a kid? RELATED: 10 Amazing Special Effects That Were Actually Made For Cheap. Good one, Genie! 1) Genie’s pretty amazing Arnold Schwarzenegger impression. Futurama takes a fun look at the film, which is what the show is well known for. The Terminator franchise has become one of the most popular of all time, and it's been referenced in so much other pop culture. He’s drumming on his head! One of the main reasons the film has stayed so relevant is because of how many pop culture references it has. Aladdin is a movie containing pop-culture and historical references galore, many of which we may have not recognized as kids. Professional wrestling is incredibly popular within pop culture and it is a sport that has consistently referenced The Terminator franchise. If there's been a hit movie, television show, or a major news story then it has been covered by the yellow family at some stage, and The Terminator has certainly been involved in that. We definitely did not get this reference as kids because we were too young to be aware of him when Aladdin came out in 1992. We recently re-watched Aladdin and noticed quite a few jokes and references that we did not catch when we were growing up and compiled them into this handy list. Our inner child is LOLing. The popular cartoon television show has referenced tons of movies and other shows throughout its run on television, and The Terminator is yet another one of those. The Terminator franchise has become one of the most popular of all time. This joke was clearly for the parents in the theatre. NEXT: 10 Most Culturally Influential Movies Of The 1980s, All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. RELATED: 5 Movies With Alternate Endings Better Than The Original (& 5 That Are Worse). No, we did not know who comedian Rodney Dangerfield was as kids, plain and simple! In the movie, a random guy is parked and is mesmerized when someone appears out of thin air. He appeared within the MCU's version of Ant-Man in a brief role where his line of "what the hell?"

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