What kind of finish can the surface of a tile have? Existing painting and lead sealing of the marble must be removed. Pour cette raison, Imola expérimente aujourd’hui de nouvelles déclinaisons esthétiques de ce matériau, pour des projets de décoration contemporaine. Thanks for your request, we will get back to you in few days.

How should decorations and special inserts with material applications (gold, silver, polishes, etc.) Une erreur est survenue pendant l’envoi du message. Porcelain stoneware must be laid so that the adhesive ensures the perfect filling and adhesion over time, to prevent any deformation and guarantee the utmost reliability in all laying conditions. Italy . Catalogues. Pay utmost attention during the laying (avoid clue/grout residues on the surface of the material) and, most importantly, the cleaning. They can be removed with a chemical reaction between the stain the detergent, therefore, based on the nature of the dirt, you can use a suitable solution, as shown in the table below. I have carefully read and understood all parts of the above-mentioned policy; 2. 1. Informiamo che in questo sito sono utilizzati “cookies tecnici” necessari per ottimizzare la navigazione, ma anche “cookies di analisi” per elaborare statistiche.

), wear and atmospheric agents. Every space has different specifications. The materials used for these decorations have particular characteristics, typical of precious metals.

Leonardo produces and markets hi-tech porcelain stoneware for floors and walls: ... Cooperativa Ceramica d'Imola S.c. +39 0542 601601 Via Vittorio Veneto, 13 - 40026 Imola (Bo) R.E.A. from 30 $/ft² . There are multiples uses: indoor and outdoor floorings and facings for residential and light commercial uses. Porcelain stoneware must be laid so that the adhesive ensures the perfect filling and adhesion over time, to prevent any deformation and guarantee the utmost reliability in all laying conditions. The tiles can be laid, in the most common situations, with joints of minimum 2-3 mm, even if in certain situations (large surfaces, facings, deformable supports, etc.)

The system can be installed on an existing flooring, without having to remove it so that the exterior surface can be renovated without unnecessary costs. Cooperativa Ceramica d'Imola S.c. +39 0542 601601 Via Vittorio Veneto, 13 - 40026 Imola (Bo) R.E.A. What are the characteristics of the thin 6.5 mm thickness? We have been working for several years on an adequate identification and installation of the technical and system resources, in line with a green policy aimed at the company’s eco-efficiency and sustainability. We decline all responsibility linked to laying tiles without joints. Request a quote online

The 20 mm thick format lends a dynamic and contemporary feel to exterior space. Harley Davidson Store - Cardiff. The main activities range from the assessment of the noise levels to the emissions in the atmosphere, water drainage and waste management. The unique aesthetic values and technical performance render the product suitable for both residential use and commercial use, even for more demanding stresses. Ceramica d'Imola Porcelain stoneware. It has the same characteristics of ceramics with traditional thickness: the surface of the product is resistant to acid, stains and atmospheric agents. Do the Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola materials contribute to obtaining points for the LEED certification. Is it a floor or facing? Le parcours d'exploration d'Imola Ceramica en termes de richesse des marbres prestigieux et de leur interprétation se poursuit.

Are Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola materials certified LEED? Brush and vacuum the flooring thoroughly and distribute the diluted acid solution uniformly with a normal microfibre cloth, or for large surfaces, use a brushing machine with scotch-brite discs with a pad of a suitable colour for the surface being treated. The material is easy to cut, shape and drill both manually by the installer and with automatic machines and tools for working porcelain stoneware. Impr. Efflorescence scale, plaster, metal signs, rust, graphite, etc. from 31 $/ft² . Full body porcelain stoneware is a technical product that shows the colours that cross the whole body of the tile on its surface. It is understood that I have the right to revoke this consent at any time by contacting the Controller. WARNING: If there are still areas that are not perfectly clean, repeat the degreasing and/or descaling wash at higher concentrations. marble in nature has a high degree of shade difference, whilst sand is very uniform). Use the double spreading technique to ensure that there are no gaps on the back of the tile or use an adhesive that ensures a perfect filling.

BO 5545 - C.F. Has Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola implemented a series of initiatives to be "ecologically aware"? Leonardo produces and markets hi-tech porcelain stoneware for floors and walls: tiles and ceramics that meet even the most complex design requirements and are in line with all the latest trends in architectural and interior design. Lay the tiles by following the indications of the designer, site manager and the laying specifications. Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola is a member of the Green Building Council Italia, which seeks to promote the LEED accreditation system. life. BO 00286900378 - P.Iva IT00498281203 - Export BO 008558 - Privacy policy - Cookies, To browse LaFaenza website, you need the latest IE internet browser (9 or higher) for your system. There has been an error when sending the message. Glazed porcelains stoneware is a product that is further enriched with applications of glazes and decorations on the surface to achieve more sophisticated aesthetic effects. Customer Reviews (1) 1952 . Create division joints of about 1 cm for very large surfaces, dividing the area as follows: -on substrates subject to movements or bending allow for sections of about 9-12 m²; -on stable surfaces the joints can be about every 16 – 25 m². Chaque jour, à travers nos collections, nous rendons hommage à la vie, à l’amitié et à l’amour. times the interior was added by users to Ideabook. (*) These interventions are made with a damp sponge or a cloth, based on the size of the stain, the floor must be rinsed abundantly and dried. The name porcelain stoneware refers to a ceramic product which is extremely compact, with considerable technical specifications (high resistance to flexing, scratching, abrasion, chemical and atmospheric agents) and with practically no porosity. ACID-BASED SOLUTION (*): Faber’s Cement Remover, FILA’s Deterdek or similar. Le rapport étroit de collaboration entre la nature, avec ses extraordinaires matières premières, et la capacité de l’homme de les unir, en créant et innovant toujours plus, a fait du béton une solution à fort impact et très suggestive.

Every day: Porcelain stoneware products are available in a large range of formats and finishes: natural, polished, lapped, patinated, structured and bush hammered. – Use the detergent diluted by 1:5 (1 litre of detergent in 5 litres of warm water). indoor tile KOALA. How does Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola check the environmental impact of its production? It is available in a wide range of formats that range from 30×60 cm, 60x60cm, 60×120 cm to large slabs such as 120×120 cm, 120×240 cm and 120×260 cm. Imola Ceramica's exploration path continues with regard to the wealth of quality marbles and their interpretation.

ORGANIC DIRT They must be suitable for loads and support the stresses for the specific use. Ceramica Rondine produces 100% Made in Italy porcelain tile floors since 1961.

– Leave the solution to act based on the intensity of the dirt and the type of product.

The surface of a tile is also unique due to its tactile and visual characteristics. How should you clean porcelain stoneware? Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles by Imola Ceramica ... Cento Per Cento by Imola Ceramica . BO 5545 - C.F. La nouvelle campagne est désormais en ligne. Is it a commercial or residential building? Only full-body porcelain stoneware can be smoothed, by removing 1 mm of material from the pressed surface, to render it even brighter, because mirror-polished. The tiles can be cut without particular issues and after laying we recommend waiting for the adhesive to harden before making holes or cuts for accessories. from 31 $/ft² . Consult our ‘Sales points’ age to find the closest reseller to you. In order to be laid outdoors the tiles are frost proof and resistant to salt and sudden temperature changes. I am acting in total freedom and without any form of psychological conditioning and/or pressure; all of that having been said, I give my full consent to receiving the regular newsletter which may be sent by e-mail. M&G studios Bitonto. For further information about cookies. Pop . e Reg. The La Faenza brand began with Carlo Zauli, a sculptor who provided a new creative impulse to Faenza ceramics. It can be smooth, structured in various ways or bush hammered, revealing all the characteristics of the model that has been used as reference in constructing the product. I am perfectly aware of my rights; 3. © 2020 Archiproducts.com - P.IVA IT05611580720 - ROC 21492 | REA BA 429007, Swimming pools, hot tubs and outdoor showers, This website uses technical, analytical and third-party cookies, in order to send you advertisements in line with your preferences. The page you are looking for might have been moved or may no longer exist. This characteristic is due to the fact that during firing (at high temperatures over 1250° C) the product closes all porosity, which means that it is completely vitrified and consequently frost proof. 2.0K. Style tips. WARNING: If the flooring, after any type of cleaning, shows the signs of the cloth passage, wash well with clean water, rinsing often and squeezing the cloth well. Indoor floor tiles Porcelain stoneware AZUMA Imola Ceramica conceives the tiles of … BO 00286900378 - P.Iva IT00498281203 - Export BO 008558 - Privacy policy - Cookies, To browse Leonardo website, you need the latest IE internet browser (9 or higher) for your system.

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