Formally known as the "bus stop" chicane, the final corners on the circuit are also one of the best to get by on the track. The Shanghai International Circuit hosts the Chinese Grand Prix, and we often see plenty of overtaking action here.

However, out of all the 21 tracks on the roster, Spa is probably the one where it's easiest to get past an opponent, thanks to its very long straights and high-speed nature. Shanghai International Circuit. All rights reserved. I've never seen that many battles and overtakings on the same circuit 3 years in row. Suppose stats would be the best way to answer it, but just off the top of my head I'd vote for Spa, although Interlagos would push it close. The main overtaking points here are turn one and the long straight between turns 13 … The tracks also impact the number of overtakes we see in any given race, as the design and layout determines how many overtaking opportunities drivers are likely to have over the course of a grand prix. And 2003 was one of the seasons with the most rain affected races in history IIRC. The number of overtakes we see over the course of a season is dependent on a number of factors, such as the current regulations (and how easy or difficult they make it for cars to follow in close proximity) and the range of tyres being used (and how they affect teams’ race strategy.).

racing. fontana is pretty good now its worn out, and you get the added interest of guys rim riding at 150-205mph is good too. You can overtake with a late braker at turn 8 then and Bica de Plato after that, offers drivers multiple lines for the slow corner, which allows for overtaking.

Press J to jump to the feed. One of the oldest F1 tracks, Monza is a fan favourite, as it has the highest average speed of any circuit on the Formula One calendar and the races here are often packed with overtakes. Community Forum Software by IP.Board, This is not recommended for shared computers.

China I picked. Tests their vision, concentration, and bodies. The closed street circuit and close proximity of the buildings meant the heat from the track, and the heat generated from the race have nowhere to go, and lingers just above the tarmac.

Sure Singapore also hosts a niight race but the amount of action and the completeness in terms of track characteristics that Bahrain offers, Singapore doesn't. Malaysia was also very physically demanding because of the heat and the layout itself. The esses after the first corner are a surrealistic nightmare. Spa, Montreal and Interlagos are probably the three best- the three that have ben ruined the most by the introduction and over-use of DRS.

This clearly shows just how detrimental refuelling was to on-track overtaking, only 1994, 1995 and 2003 are on the list from the refuelling era. Silverstone, UK.

Many a time, modern-day F1 tracks have faced criticism for being too forgiving and killing the challenge of the sport while others are praised for bringing the best out of drivers. Hardest: Monaco, Singapore, Azerbaijan, Bahrain is pretty challenging. If, however, the questioner meant "On which circuit is it easiest to overtake...".

Spa and Monza are definitely awesome.

These are just some of the best F1 tracks for overtaking – and it’s important to remember that there are other factors which influence how many overtakes we see in any given race.

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