MS Windows (really, IBM x86 compatible processors) uses a 32 or 64 bit word size, but the addressing unit is still 8 bits; but older computers often had an addressing unit of different width (the last one I know of to use a non-8-bit “byte” size was the last generation of Lisp Machine hardware, the Symbolics Ivory processor, using 48-bit bytes). Instead of baby’s, it is babies. You are not talking about something belonging to the day, that would show possession. As well as in contractions to show that one or more letters are missing, an apostrophe is used to indicate possession, e.g.

Thanks, I appreciated all the help I can get. Hang in there with me―this will be the last newsletter dedicated to apostrophes, at least for a long while!

(pronounced kibi-, mebi-, and gibi-); you’re supposed to use “KiB” to mean 1024 bytes, and “kB” to mean 1000 bytes, and so on—but I don’t know anybody who does.

Sat.-s’ (The Saturdays’ meetings were popular.).

It seems to be fairly widespread, ranging from emails and newsletter content to blog posts and social media updates. And in your sentence, it would be “There’re” or “There are” as you are referring to multiple S’s. It would be too bizarre. There are 8 rooms in the house. Their letters were full of proper names in which the plurals were formed by adding apostrophe-s: Smith’s, Adams’s. Think of a bit as a room in a house. . Apostrophes can be used in time expressions (also called temporal expressions) like a day's pay and two weeks' notice. (Today is Saturday.) If a plural does not end in S, you add apostrophe+S: children's games, people's republic, women's rights, etc. I don’t think “Adamses” is all that awkward, but can see the opposite view as valid.

Examples of abbreviated words that are sometimes given apostrophes include 'flu (short for influenza), Hallowe'en (All Hallows Evening), and Jo'burg (Johannesburg). To indicate possession: the genitive case Week is a singular possessive is week's with the apostrophe before the s. Ex. But all A’s — that seems better.

Ano ang pinakamaliit na kontinente sa mundo?

Secondly, by proposing rule changes to people via these fora is only going to add to the confusion. And finally—DRUM ROLL–our reader’s question about using an apostrophe with non-letter characters: DO NOT use an apostrophe to form the plural of a number: If you are 13 years old when were you born?

CJ No “if”s or “but”s.

I’m still on the fence about titles. You need to improve the formation of your Ss, Is, and Us.

Sat.’s (The Saturday’s best part is the morning.) I would love to hear solutions from other anal-retentive copy editors…. Does Jerry Seinfeld have Parkinson's disease? The big question with these is where to put the apostrophe. Perhaps our worries about the use of the apostrophe are because English grammar is so easy and usually intuitive that it is no longer taught in schools and trivial problems become big ones.

When the world (outside of computer types) think “kilo” or “k” means 1,000 – there is this nagging worry about a hard drive with 256 gigabytes of storage (1,024 / 4 = 256, another “even” binary number). When the data is referenced in programs in multiples of bytes, the term Word is introduced, as in 2-byte Word, or 4-byte Word, or 8-byte.

Tuesday's child) If Here are the dos and don’ts of blogging.

If that is the case, blame the error as being a “typo”, and beg forgiveness. In the same way that you say “its” and not “it’s”, you say “my” and not “me’s”/”I’s”; “your” and not “you’s”. I am a modest writer but I would like to think that any work that I write today will still have precisely the same meaning in 100 years, not be changed into something else because someone else decides that some of the rules are a bit strange because they not learned them to start with. The apostrophe ( ’ ) has three uses: contractions, plurals, and possessives. Think of the processor data unit as an envelope. My biggest question has to do with names that end in s. The Adams’ house? I’ll give it a shot: If a subset of students all received the same grade on their reports, then the grade need not be pluralized. {Actually, the use of “byte” to mean “8 bits” is in a similar situation; “byte” properly just means whatever unit the processor uses—there have been computers with anything from 6 to 72-bit bytes, that I know of; technical standards often use “octet” to avoid ambiguity}.

His dad's quirky grammar book was top of Oliver's Christmas list. (not Thursday’s) The Jeffersons live here. Copyright © 2020 Daily Writing Tips . Perfect StrangerDo we put an apostrophe after days of the week?It depends how you use it. How are these confusing? Here are only some of the rules this style guide offers. It's easy to smirk at the "greengrocer's apostrophe" – the shop that uses an apostrophe to indicate a plural ("pea's"), often omitting one when it is actually required ("new seasons asparagus") – but a small trader worried about where the next delivery of purple sprouting broccoli is coming from has got more excuse than a huge multinational business that makes a profit of £1bn a year. Villainous sentences like “People living in the 1990’s bought a lot of CD’s” certainly don’t promote virtuous use of the noble apostrophe. – comes another common problem for me, which is abbreviating plural days of the week, for events held weekly – Saturdays at 8 p.m. How would this be abbreviated for space?

Monday, May 5, is …

Language has a history that is enveloped in the set of rules. Thanks, whilst I do know all of this such is the convoluted nature of the correct usage that it helps assuage doubt to occasionally refresh my memory. The 1920s were noted for excess. Do you disagree with something on this page. Except the base SI unit of mass is the kilogram, not the gram . Weeks is the plural noun, meaning more than one week. DO NOT use the apostrophe to form the plural of capital letters: Because he became entrenched in abusing one rule, he was forced to start abusing other rules. Synonyms: jocose – humorous – jocular – waggish – comic – funny. The prefixes are only used in conjunction with metric units. For example, Napoleon III’s army or is it Napoleon the third’s army ? The children’s book’s – the books owned by the children. Although I must say, many of the rules above are entirely arbitrary. The construction ’s is meant to show ownership or a contraction, not a plural. What the CMS actually says is pluralizing a day of the week, no. Telling an executive to rush off to India to get company manager, Mr Stop, to cease his overenthusiastic expansion of the branch: “Go to Goa STOP Stop too hasty STOP Stop Stop STOP Hurry STOP”). For more language love, join my Clever Copy Club and get monthly updates direct to your inbox.

Once it fly's out, you cannot catch it. Sometimes deliberately shortening the length of the message is fine, as in the economizing of its transmission, but you have to remember that is the context and we cannot build formal rules around that because technology will continue to drive changes. (e.g. Cats look down on us. or Thurs. Thirdly, the rules we have are perfectly fine, even if complex. You better not, as it would no longer be my name. Remember the Morse code telegraph? The site you linked to listed the metric prefixes. lengthy URLs, NOTE: For the abbreviations p. (page), n. (note), and MS (manuscript), the plurals are pp., nn., and MSS. Greengrocers – and big supermarkets – may struggle to tame the 'apostrofly', but it's not actually that hard, Tesco reveals that it doesn't know, or doesn't care, about the apostrophe. BUT 2 ** 50 would be peta, or 1,024 terabytes.

Straight talking and methodical, "Smashing Grammar" (Our Grammar Book, 2019), Read more on apostrophes used incorrectly with plurals, Read more on apostrophes used in time expressions, Read more on apostrophes replacing letters, Read more on apostrophes used to show unusual plurals, Read more on apostrophes to show possession, Apostrophes after acronyms and abbreviations, To show possession (e.g., one dog's kennel. Nope! Anyway, and I could be being difficult here, but what if you had an art project, like an image or sculpture, that involved the letter “S” repeated, and the big ones were made of multiple ones? 1. He received one week’s notice. Pigs treat us as. I could ... after Tuesday's classes. We either don't know or don't care whether one cow, or many, are involved. It's at times like this that I start to sympathise with those linguists who argue that apostrophes are not punctuation at all, just an aspect of spelling.

And three A-s seems like I’m trying not to write the word Ass. has eight possible, ambiguous cases , (The boy’s book’s titles’ capitalization is the case of a boy with a book which has multiple titles. Vocational rather than academic, "Grammar for Grown-ups" is packed with real-life examples and keeps you engaged with a wealth of great quotations from Homer the Greek to Homer the Simpson. Ooops! Mind your p’s and q’s. DO use the apostrophe to form the plural of lowercase letters: The site you linked to listed the metric prefixes. Anyway, frankly it just makes sense to use them for all plural letters, capital or not, regardless of whether they make a word. What I can do is lay out what the Chicago Manual of Style says about when to use an apostrophe and when not to. I would not use the apostrophe because it is plural. Hopefully this has helped clarify how to use apostrophes in expressions of time. 2 ** 30 would be for gigabytes, or 1048576 kilo bytes.

Abbreviations do enter the language because we need to shorten the written word and some do end up as part of the language through common usage, but if we try to abbreviate everything then what do we end up with? To indicate where the portions of a word are omitted. It turns out, more prosaically, to be Slade's idiosyncratic spelling of "we're" as in "Mother dear, we are all rather eccentric these days." If I had my druthers, we’d phase out altogether the use the apostrophe to form the possessive of nouns. Personally, the added implication of a possession confuses my eye-brain signals even more. The byte did not change. degrees Celsius, Kelvin, etc.) Freelancers often invoice on 30 days’ credit. In a publication listing events, space is often limited and usage of days of the week must be reduced – i.e., Saturday becomes Sat.

The department graduated five M.A.’s and two Ph.D.’s this year. Privacy and cookies. Do you use an apostrophe with days of the week? How fortunate that the world did not end on Friday, December 21, 2012! Instead of the tail learning the rule, it wants to wag the dog into changing the rule, or slackening the rule, or abolishing the rule. Today it looks odd, because we all read the Chicago Manual, but we should remember that these usage rules remain fluid over decades and centuries.

With the technological developments of recent times, naming schemes that produce names such as “iPhone 4s” have become prominent.

What if you have multiple posessors but only one possession? If your abbreviation causes it to lose its meaning, don’t abbreviate.

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