Here, Pereira is said to have copied an existing office: the corporate headquarters of Paramount Pictures in New York City. Norton refuses to pay out the accidental death clause, deducing that Dietrichson was unaware of the policy.

Mr. Norton, the company's chief, believes the death was suicide, but Keyes, the claims adjuster, scoffs at the idea.

In his ads, Selznick quoted various dignitaries claiming it was the finest picture they had ever seen, how it served such a noble purpose, how it elevated humanity to new levels – no high-toned platitude was too lofty to invoke. Being a well made, tightly budgeted Television movie this 1973 thriller is beautifully written, plotted and acted, giving full value for money in each scene. Only then do they speed away from the crime scene. TV Review: Nostalgia Is Lost on 'Double Indemnity' By this time, Lipstone had an arm around DeSylva, asking unctuously "I always find you the right guy for the job, Buddy, don't I? Walter-Phyllis double suicide, a big on-screen no-no at the time. At a screening soon after, DeSylva called him over; expecting heads to roll, Lipstone eagerly huddled with his chief – only to have DeSylva praise the music, saying it was exactly the dissonant, hard-hitting score the film needed. After hiring a professional killer, things go from bad to worse as they try to stay alive and pull off the scam of a lifetime. [6] According to Wilder, this was exactly what he was going for when he chose the wig wanting to project, "the phoniness of the girl – Bad taste, phony wig", with cheap perfume to match. Proceed with caution, obviously. The original 1944 film noir rocks, but the remake sinks like a stone. And crikey, how much $$ does Neff make, that he lives overlooking a huge marina? Double Indemnity. [77], So many imitations flooded the market, that James M. Cain believed he deserved credit and remuneration.

[17], The tumultuous relationship between Wilder and Chandler only enhanced the product of their collaboration. "[62] In his 1998 review, film critic Roger Ebert praised director Wilder and cinematographer Seitz. Wilder said: "He was in Alcoholics Anonymous, and I think he had a tough time with me – I drove him back into drinking. A scheming wife lures an insurance investigator into helping murder her husband and then declare it an accident. Lipstone then disappeared and was not seen at the sessions again. After the success of Double Indemnity, imitators of the film's plot were rampant. Wilder and Seitz also blew aluminum particles into the air so that, as they floated down, they looked just like dust. their respective genders at the time. Stanwyck is much higher than Neff (Fred MacMurray) when they are first introduced. I don't think he ever forgave me. Wilder made the film, in part, "to explain Chandler to himself. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I put down about Billy Wilder’s “Double Indemnity” the more enamored I become User Ratings

He complained that the two lead characters "lack the attractiveness to render their fate of emotional consequence", but also felt the movie possessed a "realism reminiscent of the bite of past French films". Insurance salesman Walter Neff (Richard Crenna) is hurt and returns to his office to record a confession. It’s impossible to know, of course, who was responsible for penning which scenes in “Double Indemnity,” some of which inevitably work better than others.

Realizing this is simply a shortened made-for-TV film and that most people had trashed it, I didn't expect much, but you can't help but compare this with the '44 film. The English accent and California looks can't hold a candle to Barbara Stanwick's velvet voice and sex appeal. At the time, Seitz was the premiere director of photography on the Paramount lot; his work extended back to the silent era. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. For more information, please visit our "About" page. This remake of the film noir classic about a seductress and an insurance man having an affair of horror, planning the murder of her husband, gives us the same question as just about any remake. Some alternative casts: 1) Alan Alda, Tuesday Weld, and Telly Savalas He guesses she is planning for Nino to kill him, but tells her that he intends to kill her and put the blame on Nino. After seeing the picture half a dozen times, he was quoted as saying "It's the only picture I ever saw made from my books that had things in it I wish I had thought of.

An insurance agent is seduced by a woman. According to Stanwyck: I said "I love the script and I love you, but I am a little afraid after all these years of playing heroines to go into an out-and-out killer." 4) Bradford Dillman, Jean Simmons, and Edward Asner (Phyllis didn't need to be blonde) [46] MacMurray was surprised when he first saw it onscreen: "When I  ... turned the key I remember I was doing it fast and Billy kept saying 'Make it longer, make it longer,' and finally I yelled 'For Chrissake Billy, it's not going to hold that long,' and he said 'Make it longer,' and he was right. of which I find particularly convincing. Was this review helpful to you? To help guide him in writing a screenplay, Wilder gave Chandler a copy of his own screenplay for the 1941 Hold Back the Dawn to study. That's this 1973 made for television version. Looking for something to watch?

Brackett spun the breakup in a decidedly different light, saying "Billy got so despondent at being without me that we did The Lost Weekend, a depressing film about a writer who has trouble writing. In other words, for those looking for a classic film noir psychological-thriller typical of the 1940s, the 1973 version will surely come as a disappointment. While some reviewers found the story implausible and disturbing, others praised it as an original thriller. After Paramount purchased the rights to the novella for Wilder, the next step was a screenplay. This 1973 remake of the classic 1944 Billy Wilder film, "Double Indemnity," is a textbook example of how to destroy a great script. I’ve no idea, but I do feel that’s a dumb It was a remake of Double Indemnity (1944) based on the film rather than the original novel. [64], Wilder went to the awards ceremony expecting to win even though the studio had been backing its other big hit of the year, Leo McCarey's Going My Way, and studio employees were expected to vote for the studio favorite. ( Log Out / 

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